Kylie Jenner Expected To ‘Cut Off’ Jordyn Wood’s Amid Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

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Kylie Jenner has “completely cut off” Jordyn Wood recently, as well as the rest of the family, has cut her off so to speak. Jenner is not sure whether or not she wants to continue to stay friends with Wood. According to E!, Jenner doesn’t want woods in her life at all at this time. This is, do to the release of her alleged cheating with Khloé Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson —  which she does not deny doing.

Kylie Cuts Her Off

The outlet published a report detailing Wood’s feelings after the scandal. She has been completely cut off by Kylie and the family.

“Kylie’s life has been turned upside down as well. She feels like she never knew who Jordyn was.” Jenner was Woods’ supporter for her lifestyle, “Kylie pays for her entire life and she even bought Jordyn a car,” the source said. “Jordyn was on all of her vacations. Her whole family was invited to the Christmas party and Stormi’s birthday party.”

How will her life be glamorous now that she has no supporter? Will she find someone else to stay with or will she find her own path in life?

Wood Issues An Apology

Wood has tried to contact the family and apologize many times but they are not having anything to do with it.

A source said, “She is devastated and feels completely lost. Jordyn has tried profusely to apologize to Khloé, Kylie and even Kris [Jenner] several times since the news spread. She has reached out to Khloé multiple times trying to explain that this was a one-time mistake.”

Not only are they not having anything to do with her apologies they also aren’t thinking of doing so either it seems. Khloe Kardashian has just recently unfollowed Woods on Instagram, which is a clear sign that the door is officially closed off for now.

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