General Hospital Recap For Thursday, February 28: Franco Stabbed– Ryan Confesses– Lulu Remembers

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Welcome to your Thursday, February 28 General Hospital recap! We begin our day with Lulu (Emme Rylan) standing outside her office doors, she hesitates to enter. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) walks up and comforts her, “You don’t have to do this today.”

Lulu Tries To Remember Her Attack

Lulu insists she must enter her office and see what her memory is missing about the attack. At Charlie’s, Ava (Maura West) is reading the Invader interview with Franco (Roger Howarth.) Scotty (Kin Shriner) walks up and they discuss the interview. Sitting at Charlie’s also, Cameron, Oscar, and Josslyn (Eden McCoy are discussing the interview.

Liz Talks About Franco

At Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) house, she opens the door and Drew (Billy Miller) is there. They discuss how Jordan is doing and that the accident was not his fault, but he feels guilty. Elizabeth tries to make tea but is fumbling and freaking out about Franco’s admission of guilt. They discuss the admission of guilt and realize that maybe Franco is lying about being the killer, but why?

Franco Admits He Is Not Guilty

At Ferncliff, “Ryan” (Jon Lindstrom) tells Franco that he is throwing his life away. “Ryan” says “what the hell do you think you’re doing?” They continue to argue as “Ryan” screams at Franco to “tell the truth!” Franco tells “Ryan” that he and Jordan (Brianne Nicole Henry) have a plan. Franco finally admits he did not kill any of these people as “Ryan” has a knife behind his back.

“Ryan” says that Jordan has been in a terrible accident and is unconscious and what will Franco do if the real killer shows up? “Ryan” says, “I don’t make mistakes!” as he admits to being the killer. Ryan shockingly stabs Franco in the chest as he cries out” why??!!”

Ryan Stabs Franco

Franco collapses on the floor crying out as he now realizes that Ryan was the killer all along. The nurse walks in and says that Franco tried to kill him and she runs to get help. Franco and Ryan fight briefly as he traps Ryan in the secure room and takes off.

Scotty Protects His Son

At Charlie’s, Scotty and Ava continue to discuss Franco’s admission. Scotty defends him and says there’s no way he killed Kiki. He starts yelling “He didn’t do it! He didn’t do it!” It’s great to see Scotty be a defensive father-figure.

Scotty calls “Kevin” a quack and says “when is he going to kick you to the curb like he did Laura (Genie Francis?)” Scotty and Ava continue to argue as he says he has friendly concern for her and this new relationship.

Ava continues to praise “Kevin” and say that their love is real. Scotty talks about all the loss in his life and he doesn’t want to lose Franco as well. Ava leaves and stops by “Kevin’s office, but he’s not there.

Cameron continues to freak out about Franco’s admission and that his brothers now know the truth. The friends discuss their road trip to get away from it all. Trina (Tiana Le) arrives and asks what the plan is? Josslyn says she’s going to use money from a fund that her dad set up to pay for their trip. They all put on their coats and head out on their trip to Niagra Falls (I sense danger).

Lulu Says Something Doesn’t Add Up

At the Invader office, Lulu is still trying to figure out how she escaped on the night of the attack. As her and Maxie talk, she has a flashback to her computer the night in question, which shows Ryan Chamberlain’s victims.

Lulu and Maxie discuss the number of original victims and that nothing is adding up. They bring up Deborah Jones who was possibly one of Ryans victims. Lulu does an online search and discovers that Deborah Jones was stabbed to death in Texas.

Maxie and Lulu talk about the number of murders and realize it’s not adding up. How did “Kevin” know there were 9 victims when the police only said there were 7?

Franco Knows The Truth

Franco is running through the halls of Ferncliff bleeding and leaves a voicemail for Jordan saying that “Ryan Chamberlain is the killer.” Franco gets outside the secure doors and the show fades to black….

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