General Hospital Recap For Friday, March 1: Lulu And Maxie Get A Killer List–Franco Goes To Liz–Carly Confronts Ryan

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Welcome to your Friday, March 1 General Hospital recap! We begin our day at the hospital where Carly (Laura Wright) and Jason (Steve Burton) are discussing the Shiloh situation. At the Metro Court – Robert, Anna (Finola Hughes), and Peter (Wes Ramsey) are at a table, Anna says they need to talk.

At the Hospital, Curtis (Donnell Turner) is in Jordan’s (Brianne Nicole Henry) room on the phone with Stella giving an update on her condition. Nina (Michelle Stafford) walks up and give him a hug (these two have chemistry!)

At the Invader, Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) are still trying to get a list of Ryan’s (Jon Lindstrom) victims when Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and Mac (John York) walk in. “Ryan” is having his cut hand looked at in the hospital when Ava enters and asks “What happened?” Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) is at home when there is a large bang on the door, its Franco (Roger Howarth) who is bleeding.

At the Metro Court, Anna is asking Peter about who the other patients in the twin experiments. Anna explains that she and Alex were the original memory transfer patients. Peter remembers there were patients 1 – 5 but he did not know who they were.

He knows nothing about them or what Dr. Maddox was doing. All he knows is he let Jason escape the clinic and may have a way to reach Dr. Klein’s records. Anna says thanks and leaves as Robert says he still has something to say.

Carly and Jason continue to discuss Shiloh and how slimy he is. Carly is worried that Sam is in imminent danger. They discuss Franco’s TV interview and Carly realizes the Ryan used the name Todd Wilson as an alias. She realizes her Ferncliff neighbor was named “Wilson.”

Franco stumbles into Elizabeth’s house and is in extreme pain. Elizabeth calls 911 as Franco passes out. As Elizabeth is on the phone with 911, Franco admits he lied about committing the murders. He says, “it was Ryan Chamberlain.”

At the hospital, “Ryan” explains to Ava and Chase what happened at Ferncliff. “Ryan” has a daydream that he wins the Port Charles Pioneer award for capturing Franco. Ava mentions that Laura (Genie Francis) is missing and Jordan is fighting for her life.

Ava questions why “Kevin/Ryan” chose not to tell her that he went to Ferncliff to see Franco. Chase tells them that they have a lead on Franco. “Ryan” says to Ava that they need to get married tonight. “Ryan” says they should go to Niagra Falls tonight and get hitched. Ava agrees to get married right away.

Ava runs into Carly at the hospital and tells her “she’s getting married and definitely not invited.” Ava says that “Kevin” insisted, just as the elevator doors open and Mac and Felicia walk out. Felicia says it must be a joke.

In Lulu’s office, Mac, Felicia, Lulu and Maxie are discussing the Ryan murders. Lulu remembers seeing a discrepancy in the number of victims. She brings up the Deborah and Susan names to Felicia and asks if she recognizes those names.

Maxie says all of this murder talk is bothering her and it reminds her of Nathan. Mac finds out that both women killed in Texas did not have their drivers licenses on them when found. They discuss that Laura saw nine names on a list, but how did Kevin have the extra two names? Lulu remembers that it was Kevin she was calling the night of the attack.

At the hospital, Curtis and Nina are talking about Jordan when Dr. Finn (Michael Easton) approaches. Dr. Finn says that she is stable and that removing her kidney was the only option. Nina and Curtis discuss the possibility of a kidney transplant and finding donors. Nina grabs Jordan’s purse and hands Curtis her phone, we know that Franco left her a voicemail.

Anna meets up with Finn and she mentions that her and Robert met up with Peter. They realize they need to track down Dr. Klein and get the patient records. Jason walks up and they discuss the need to find out what happened to him at the Russian clinic. Anna asks if he ever heard about patients 1-4 or heard Alex’s name mentioned.

Now we find “Kevin” opening the trunk of his car where his box of driver’s licenses has been stashed. He looks at them and shuts the car trunk and to his surprise, Carly is standing right behind him. Cut to preview for next week……

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