General Hospital Star Coby Ryan McLaughlin’s ‘Inner Freak’ Helps Him Play Shiloh

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After his short stint as Andrew Lynford in The Young and The Restless, Coby Ryan McLaughlin was informed by his agent that there’s a role that fits him perfectly, the Dawn of Day cult leader Shiloh in General Hospital.

Coby Embraced His Dark Side

As expected, the handsome actor was shocked after finding out what kind of character he will be playing. He knew from the get-go that he will be portraying a pretty dark character but he auditioned for the part anyway.

During the selection process, McLaughlin was honest enough to reveal that he managed to make some bold choices and felt quite comfortable during the selection process because he and the casting director Mark Teschner go way back.

McLaughlin Brought Shiloh To Life

According to McLaughlin, “When I read for Frank (Valentini, GH executive producer) and the rest of the producers, I made some choices that I thought would make people in the room uncomfortable.”

“I thought, ‘It’s a creepy dude, I might as well!’ There’s no reason to play it safe with somebody like this. You have to channel your inner freak.”

Fortunately, the actor managed to bring Shiloh to life and he gave his character justice. Shiloh has kept General Hospital viewers at the edge of their seat. He’s not just making a huge impact on the audience but to the other characters in Port Charles as well.

He’s been doing some great damages in the lives of some main characters as the Dawn of Day cult leader and after it was revealed that he was also David Henry “Hank” Archer.

Although it is still unknown until when he will be playing Shiloh, one thing is clear and that’s he’s having fun working with the soap’s cast and crew. When asked about his experience in General Hospital, McLaughlin only has good things to say, especially about Kelly Monaco.

Apart from playing Andrew in Y&R, Coby Ryan McLaughlin also played a role in other primetime TV series like “NCIS,” “The X-Files,” “Two and a Half Men,” “The Crossing,” and “Castle.”

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