The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Friday, March 8 – Victoria Recounts JT’s Abuse For The Jury – Closing Statements – Rey Leaves Mia

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The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for Friday, March 8, tease that Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will take the stand. She’ll talk about her relationship with JT Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill) and how it became abusive. Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) will introduce notes from Victoria’s therapist, as well as a video showing JT’s violent behavior. Victoria will admit that she hit JT while trying to fight back, but never any other time.

Victoria Recounts JT Abuse

Victoria will say that when she finally had enough of the physical and emotional abuse, JT refused to leave and that’s why he broke in on girls’ night. She’ll admit that she wasn’t honest with the police or even with Michael because she was afraid that nobody would believe how afraid they all were that night.

Michael will have Victoria walk the jury through girls’ night and how Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) acted spontaneously and was just trying to save her. She’ll also say that Phyllis Summers (Gina Tognoni) is the one who convinced the group to cover up what happened, and Michael will say that’s ironic since Phyllis got immunity.

Christine will cross-examine Victoria next. She’ll point out that Victoria wasn’t injured by the events taking place on the video, and that she got engaged to JT afterward. Victoria will agree that JT never got physical again until girls’ night, but she’ll say that he continued to be controlling and emotionally abusive.

Christine will suggest that the real reason that Victoria broke up with JT was because she found out he was working for the police and investigating Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Finally, Christine will revisit how JT was killed and that the defendants covered it up and buried JT in the park.

When Michael redirects, Victoria will describe the terror she felt when JT was violent, and she’ll say that you don’t know what it’s like until you’ve experienced it. Michael will ask what would have happened if Nikki hadn’t intervened that night, and Victoria will say that she’d be dead. This will produce a big objection, but Victoria’s point will have been made.

Sharon Feels Bad For Victoria

During recess, Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) will tell Brittany Hodges (Lauren Woodland) that she can’t believe that anyone would doubt Victoria. Brittany will say that she built a strong defense for Sharon and didn’t want to risk Victoria undoing it.

Meanwhile, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) will wish he hadn’t convinced Phyllis to attend girls’ night, because if she hadn’t been there, someone may have called 911. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will maintain that JT could still be alive and that could save all three of the women.

Closing arguments will ensue, and Christine Williams (Lauralee Bell) will tell the jury that finding the defendants not guilty would send a dangerous message, and that the defendants buried JT like roadkill and were happy that he was dead.

Brittany will tell the jury that Sharon was used by the other defendants and a police detective. Finally, Michael will discuss reasonable doubt and state that Nikki was just protecting her daughter and that Victoria didn’t know what was going to happen so she can’t be a party to it.

Rey Ends His Marriage

Meanwhile, at Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) and Mia Rosales’s apartment, Rey will deny to Mia that there’s anything going on with Sharon, but Mia will say that this is only because he can’t be with Sharon because he arrested her. Mia will demand that Rey state that he’s not in love with Sharon, but he won’t.

Mia will tell Rey that she felt like an idiot in the courtroom, but he’ll remind her about saying Arturo Rosales’ (Jason Canela) name during sex. He’ll say that he went to Sharon’s house because of what Mia did, and Mia will ask if he had sex with Sharon. Rey will say no.

Rey will say that he can’t live this lie any longer, and she agrees because he’s in love with Sharon. Rey will say that they only hurt each other. Mia will ask how he can do this to their baby, and she’ll plead for another chance, but Rey will refuse. He’ll say that he’ll still look after her and the baby, but he knows that she still has feelings for Arturo and he’ll never forget what she did to Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle).

Finally, Rey will leave as Mia cries.

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