The Young and the Restless Spoilers: What Information Is Tessa Withholding About the J.T. Case?

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Tessa’s (Cait Fairbanks) worst fear is coming true on The Young and the Restless. But is she simply scared about past incidents that have now been revealed in court, or is Tessa’s panicked state resulting due to information she’s been withholding about the J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) case?

Tessa ‘s Not Creditable

Viewers know that Tessa has a sketchy background. They were made aware of her discovery of the digital video footage on Dark Horse’s server, how she used that to extort one-quarter of a million dollars from Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), and that she was later kidnapped by the telegraphed ‘Coverup Trio’.

Michael’s (Christian Le Blanc) assertion that Tessa was actually J.T.’s killer attempts to place reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury. His strike against existing evidence was brilliant, while also, possibly, furthering this driving storyline.

Where’s JT’s Body?

J.T.’s body has been missing for a while It stands as the key mystery within an arc that will hit eleven months as of next week. So, where are the dead man’s bones, assuming he is deceased?

Ruling Tessa out of any hypothetical scenario isn’t possible. As stated in court, her background makes whatever she says suspicious. Possibly she’s telling the full truth and knows nothing more. Then again, a storyline-buster could be looming based upon this specific character.

What Does Tessa Know?

Despite numerous denials, wouldn’t it make sense if Tessa dug up J.T. and stashed him somewhere? Whatever her reasoning was at the time could be proving out as obviously flawed.

However, the manner in which Y&R presented scenes on April 13, 2018, could allow for Mr. Hellstrom to have lived, as this is a soapy world. Tessa could have become involved with him that day, as Michael suggested, or at any point since.

If alive, J.T. would have benefited from having a creative-minded partner. Miss Porter’s actions since arriving in Genoa City would enable the suggested pairing.

Fans of The Young and the Restless rightfully express their opinions on a regular basis. So, what information, if any, is Tessa withholding about the J.T. case?

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