The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Flo’s Guilt Is Overflowing, Will She Spill The Truth?

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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Flo’s Guilt Is Overflowing, Will She Spill The Truth?Florence has met Hope and Liam, and the more she gets to know how they are dealing with their loss, the more guilty Flo is feeling. She is under great pressure now, and she’s been desperate to tell them the truth.

This week, when Flo was invited by Wyatt for a dinner with Sally, Hope and Liam, she has started to crack under pressure. She has asked them not to hate her, and that she wanted to say something about Phoebe.

Viewers are surely left on the edge of their seats while waiting if Flo will finally come clean. However, “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for the coming week suggest that Flo was not able to tell Liam and Hope the truth.

Flo might just come up with another story, like how devastated she was after she gave up her baby. Spoilers also said that she will tell Dr. Reese that she can no longer keep his secret. Reese will try to convince Zoe and Flo not to reveal the terrible act he did, so the baby switch secret would remain a secret for a while, perhaps until Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) comes back from maternity leave.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers reveal that Steffy will tell Liam and Hope about her future plans to leave Genoa City with Kelly and Phoebe. This is after Steffy’s mom has also advised her to fight for Liam and give the girls the complete family that they deserve. But Steffy has other plans, and she does not want to ruin Hope and Liam’s marriage. Meanwhile, Hope will feel devastated upon learning about Steffy’s decision. She has grown fond of Phoebe (because she’s actually her baby Beth), and with Steffy bringing her out of town, it’s like losing a child all over again.

On one hand, the baby swap secret would still be at risk of being revealed. Because of Wyatt and Flo’s past romance, Sally will become jealous. Spoilers reveal that Wyatt will reiterate her commitments to Sally and her new business. But it won’t be long enough before someone catches on. Sally will make a remark that would trigger the truth that Flo is not Phoebe’s mother. By then, Flo might have no choice but to spill what she knows.

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  1. Guest says

    Yes she will,she will feel trapped.

  2. Guest says

    Flo….Either go permanently or spill the truth….Insane storyline…Liam also looks like a total wimp in this mess….

    1. MsLainy says

      He always has been a wimp, back and forth from Steffy to Hope, rediculous! I’d drop him like a hot potato, how can either of them trust him? I’m really sick of the whole mess.

  3. Guest says

    i do hope this bab y swamp t storylin eis settled soon i s i do hope that florence tell the truth and hope finds outy tha tphebie is beth i hope that sdteffy stayds awady in paris until december 23 or do4s not come back until after christmas and stefy needs avery strong billionair husband someone tuogh with big balls and tlal dark and hansone liam is wwipyand wishy wash iam so sick of quinn and ericc storykine they are so boringn iwann tdoonna nd quinn in some majer drag out catfigths where donna punches quinn in the jaw and send squinn to ythe hospital i wan tdoonn and erkici to have averys temya ffair in hawwwie and boraborandhongkong and paris together i csant stansd quinn and erioc togethe rii hope quinn leavbes bn y next year i hope quinn becomes a pycopath dangers and pycotic and has avery stemy affsir with bill spencer or rige or i would likea story line where tayslerand quinn constlay argue at each others throats and tysaler and eric to have avery stemy affair where evenchulay quinn walk in on taylerand eric making love this show is so boring it should be cancled nothing is happing it need sm,ore arson murders attemped murdfers temy affairs casttfights embezzment no wonder genel hosptoal and d ther abc saops weremore populer among fans young and restless has much better storyline sboldand beutiful isa thums down it should be canclled it is so boring and please bring she,.lia carter backa s avery wealth woman who wa sliving in paris an dinhertes 8o billion dollers

    1. Guest says

      Learn to spell or don’t write, please

    2. Guest says

      Brodenspencer you surely are drunk!! This sounds like a foreign language!

  4. Guest says

    Hope that Flor will crack because this story line has going on for to long!!!!!!

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