General Hospital Monday, March 11 Recap: Alexis Leans On Finn –Liz Breaks Franco’s Heart–Laura Comforts Ava

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Welcome to your Monday, March 11 General Hospital recap! We begin our day on the bridge outside Niagara Falls, where all of last week’s action took place. Jason (Steve Buron) has caught Ava (Maura West) by the arm, who Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) tried to throw off the bridge. Ryan has fallen over as the cops arrive and Laura (Genie Francis) comforts Ava.

Carly (Laura Wright) is still trying to climb up out of the ravine where Ryan dumped her. Meanwhile, GH spoilers state that in Turkey, Sonny (Maurice Bernard) and Robert (Tristan Rogers) discuss if maybe Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) captors are actually after him. At Alexis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) house, she goes to answer the door and its Finn (Michael Easton). He sees the large bottle of vodka sitting out.

In Jordan’s hospital room, Curtis (Donnell Turner) is telling her to take it easy as she does police work. Stella (Vernee Watson) and TJ (Tequan Richmond) arrive at her room and TJ says he’s been checked to be a kidney donor.

Curtis says he wants to be a donor and Stella chimes in that she wants to be one as well. Stella tells Jordan how lucky they both are to have Curtis. They all leave and Liz shows up in her room, she berates Jordan and the awful plan. (this is the Liz we need!) Jordan and Liz argue as Jordan says maybe she shouldn’t have let a serial killer into their lives in the first place. (WOW).

Ava is screaming Kevin’s name repeatedly at the bridge as Laura comes over to calm her down. Ava is freaking out about Kevin”, but Laura explains what has happened with the switch. Ava freaks out when she realizes what has happened. She feels violated by the fact that she had sex with Ryan.

Laura tells Ava that the switch happened long before Ava realized it. It was many months ago when Ryan trapped Kevin at Ferncliff. Ava is pissed and still does not want to believe what Laura is saying.

We see Carly attempting to escape the ravine, she slips and falls unconscious in the snow. Carly eventually wakes up and props herself against a wall. Carly attempts to climb the wall again and struggles to make it, just as a hand reaches down – its Jason! Jason saves Carly and they collapse in each other’s arms.

Finn has brought some games over to distract her from trying to drink. Finn grabs the bottle of liquor and pours it out while washing his feet with it. (what?) Alexis explains that she had a dream about Julian (William DeVry) that set her mindset back. Alexis is afraid that she likes the dangerous version of Julian too much, it makes her feel normal.

Liz (Rebecca Herbst) says she’s not sure she can trust what Franco (Roger Howarth) says anymore. She’s worried about her boys and what this has done to them. Liz is afraid she can’t be with Franco anymore but felt he needed to do this for Kiki. Liz says she’s not sure she can ever forgive him and walks out of the room.

Ava wants to go see Kevin in the hospital to find out the truth. She’s distraught that someone finally loved her and comforted her, but she apparently was wrong. Ava realizes what has happened and screams out Kiki’s name in horror. …. cut to tomorrows preview

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