Alaskan Bush People: Rain Brown Talks About People Saying The Show Is Fake, ‘It’s Annoying’

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Alaskan Bush People Spoilers

Alaskan Bush People has been around for eight years and nine seasons. While there are people who are really entertained by how the Browns are living their life in the wild, many others say that the show is fake. Rain Brown finally breaks her silence regarding this.

In an Instagram video, Rain Brown talked about reports and comments that Alaskan Bush People is fake.

“So, like, I get a lot of things and a lot of comments and messages and things like saying, ‘I’ve read this; I’ve heard this from this person this must be this,’” she began.

“People love to say the thing that I’ve worked my tail off for almost eight years for is fake,” Rain said. “And honestly, it’s really annoying.”

Alaskan Bush People– Rain Says It’s Annoying When The Show Is Called Fake

Rain admits that it is frustrating to hear and read about the accusations regarding her family’s TV show on Discovery Channel. “Because when you’re out there and if you’re living that life, and you used to live that life and people are like, ‘That was fake, that is fake, you never did that,’ it’s like, but I did!”

“So it’s not fake, it’s just filmed and broadcasted on TV,” Rain added. “So it can’t be life, you know, it’s not the news; it’s not a live show. It’s a TV show. So whatever you think of that, that’s how it is.

She also said that if fans hear about something that’s not personally from her or any member of her family, from the show itself, or from People magazine, “Odds are, it’s probably not true.”

There have been persistent accusations that the Brown family is lying about how they are living their life. From squatting in the Alaskan bush property where they built their Browntown, to actually living in a cottage in Hoonah instead of their cabin in the bush, to faking mother Ami’s lung cancer. Some say that they are living a lavish life instead of enjoying a simple life being isolated and away from civilization.

None of them has addressed such accusations before, and the show continued to be aired on TV. Alaskan Bush People is approaching its Season 9 finale, and reports say that they are preparing to film the next season.

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