General Hospital Recap For Wednesday, March 27: Jason’s Arrested–Dante’s Scared—Liz Defends Her Son

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Welcome to your Wednesday, March 27 General Hospital recap! We begin our day at Kelly’s where Aiden, Franco (Roger Howarth), and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) are discussing if they should have a formal wedding. Elizabeth overhears a classmate of Aiden’s talking about a birthday party. In the park, Chase (Josh Swickard) and Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) are having coffee discussing her plans to leave town. At the hospital, Sam (Kelly Monaco) checks on Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) whose hand still hurts from the fight with Jason.

GH Spoilers–Jason ‘s Arrested!

Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) shows up at the hospital and tells Shiloh that Jason is a hitman and very dangerous. Sam (Kelly Monaco) tries to quiet her hysteria as Kristina leaves to go see Sonny. Sam says if Jason wanted him dead, he would be.

Jordan (Brianne Nicole Henry) is telling Jason (Steve Burton) that she’s read his background and realizes he’s the guy that never gets caught. Margeaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) knocks on the door and asks to see Jordan. Margeaux says she has enough information to charge Jason with assault.

Chase shows up at the jail and asks Jason what he knows about Shiloh. He says someone he knows is being threatened. Margeaux and Jordan enter the room, where she says maybe jealousy played a part in the attack. Shiloh shows up the jail and Chase is upset to see him. Shiloh decides to drop the charges against Jason and that he forgives him.

General Hospital Spoilers—Willow Considers Leaving PC

Chase says that she is safe here with him, but Willow disagrees. She knows that Shiloh will find out about the baby somehow. Willow explains that the secrets, badgering, and abuse at Dawn of Day was relentless. Willow says she has to leave and is going to miss him and Port Charles, they kiss goodbye.

Brad (Perry Shen) brings the baby to Willow so she can say goodbye, she explains she’s leaving town. Willow says he can relax now that she’s going to be out of the picture. Willow asks to hold Wiley one last time and Brad lets her. A Dawn of Day pamphlet falls out of the baby carriage and Willow gets upset.

At Sonny’s house, Max (Mike Corbin) calls Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) “Dominic” (funny) but he corrects him. They decide to go out to get food and catch up. At the metro court, Mike remembers the party they had there awhile back. Mike asks if Lulu has forgiven him for being away, he can tell something is wrong. Dante says he didn’t leave his family because he wanted to, he left in order to protect them. Dante says his mind is all messed up and he’s afraid of what he might do next.

GH Spoilers– Sonny And Kristina Argue

At Sonny’s house, Kristina arrives and realizes what Sonny is doing. Sonny says that he misses her and he’s not siding with her mother. Kristina says that him and Carly should read some of the Dawn of Day literature. Sonny says other than Dawn of Day, what else has changed in her life? He says excluding her family is not healthy and he won’t let Dawn of Day take over it.

Elizabeth realizes that Aiden’s classmate Bianca did not invite him to her birthday party. Aiden says that her parents don’t want him there. Elizabeth calls Bianca’s mother who says she was trying to keep a “wholesome” environment by not inviting Aiden.

An interesting conclusion

Willow cries as she hands Wiley back over to Brad. Her phone rings and its Elizabeth asking to meet. She destroys her resignation letter as Chase walk up. Kristina yells at Sonny that he doesn’t get to control her life and storms out. Jason is released and picks up his gun as everyone at the police station stares at him… … flash to preview..

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