General Hospital Recap For Friday, March 29: Nina Shuts Down Sasha — Dante Leaves Again –Julian Gives Ava A Warning

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General Hospital Spoilers-- Ava Jerome (Maura West)

Welcome to your Friday, March 29 General Hospital recap! We begin our day at the Metro Court, where Peter (Wes Ramsey) is meeting up with Maxie (Kirsten Storms) about the DNA results. At Crimson, Nina (Michelle Stafford) is on the phone with the school principal when Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) arrives with a large bouquet of flowers.

Valentin asks if she wants to go to dinner with Liesl (Kathleen Gati). At the hospital, Carly (Laura Wright) is checking in with Curtis (Donnell Turner) about Jordan’s (Brianne Nicole Henry) medical condition. Jordan says there is no new info on Ryan and that Carly needs to be very careful.

GH Spoilers– Cameron Gets His Day In Court

At the courthouse, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) is adjusting Cameron’s (William Lipton) suit tie. Cam says his life is on the line as Franco (Roger Howarth) arrives. The judge asks Cameron to approach the bench and she asks him why she shouldn’t punish him to the full extent of the law. Cameron explains that he went to Niagra Falls with his friends and did not think ahead of the consequences. The Judge says he has to turn over his driving permit and that this is his last chance so he must behave.

Trina is there to support him and he introduces her to Elizabeth. Elizabeth questions who she is and thinks maybe Franco needs to have birds and the bees talk with Cameron.

General Hospital Spoilers– Kevin Worries About Laura

Laura (Genie Francis) arrives for his arraignment with fresh clothes. Laura is worried if he’s injured from the attack, but he says he’s fine. Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) doesn’t want her at the arraignment and says she should file the divorce papers. Laura asks why he wants a divorce and Kevin says he screwed up royally. He’s distressed that three people died because he thought he could save Ryan in secret.

Laura is at the hospital and connects with Carly, asking how she is feeling. They discuss Kevin’s predicament and if she should file for divorce. Carly tells Laura that she is pregnant.

GH Spoilers– Dante Leaves Again

At Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) house, she is questioning Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) as to what has happened that he needs to leave. Dante says it’s hard to explain, but he’s out of time and needs to leave. Lulu raises her voice and demands an explanation. Dante says she can’t come because he needs to do this alone. Dante explains that he got in way over his head and he has no control over his emotions. Lulu says she’s going to contact Kevin, but Dante insists he needs to leave to fix this. Dante says he is leaving tonight as Lulu stares at him angrily.

At the hospital, Maxie and Peter are discussing Sasha and the DNA tests, when Liesl approaches asking what they are discussing. Liesl asks who is running a DNA test and why. Maxie lies and says it’s about her grey hair and if it’s hereditary.

General Hospital Spoilers– Nina Refuses To Hear Sasha Out

Nina says she supported Liesl when they kidnapped Peter, but things have changed. Valentin wants the two of them to meet half way. Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) arrives and says she wants to talk to Nina alone, while Valentin leaves for the restaurant. Sasha says “I’m not who you think I am”. Nina says, you are my daughter and we all have skeletons in our closets.

Valentin is in the metro court restaurant when Liesl approaches and says he needs to be wary of Maxie. Liesl explains that she ran into Peter and Maxie doing a DNA test and his secret will be exposed. As soon as she says that, Nina approaches with Sasha.

Maxie and Peter leave the hospital with the results and arrive at the metro court.

GH Spoilers– Julian Gives Ava A Warning

At the hospital, Julian (William DeVry) is helping Ava (Maura West) get ready to leave the hospital She was admitted after her binge drinking episode. Julian says if she keeps up the drinking that he will commit her. Ava says she is getting prank phone calls with heavy breathing on the other end.

Ava and Julian show up at the hospital as Kevin is being led away in handcuffs. Ava tells Jordan she is getting prank phone calls and she thinks its Ryan harassing her. Ava discovers the call are robocalls. Ava says unless they find Ryans body, she knows he will come back for her someday.

Lulu tells Dante that she’s not going to give up on him and she doesn’t have a life without him. She says she will wait for him forever if she has too. They both say they love each other as Dante walks out the door…. flash to preview fro Monday

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