General Hospital Recap For Friday, April 12: Finn Prepares To Propose — Anna Worries Robin Isn’t Her Daughter– Jordan Still Needs A Transplant

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General Hospital Spoilers-- Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton)

Welcome to your Friday, April 12 General Hospital recap! We begin our day at the hospital, where Laura (Genie Francis) and Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) are about to head home. Spencer has some ideas about the Nurses ball and wants to find Lucy (Lynn Herring). At the hospital as well, Finn (Micheal Easton) is planning his proposal to Anna (Finola Hughes). At Anna’s house, she is bringing Robert some tea and says she has some questions for him.

At Crimson, Nina (Michelle Stafford) asks Curtis (Donnell Turner) how Jordan (Brianne Nicole Henry) is doing. Curtis asks about the kidney donation request that the magazine did, Nina says it did not produce viable results. Curtis is worried about the dialysis and the impact it will have on Jordan’s life.

Nina brings up the DNA test that Maxie did on Sasha and how upsetting it was.

GH Spoilers– Maxie, Peter, And Sasha Bond

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Peter (Wes Ramsey) have taken Sasha out to Charlie’s to apologize for the DNA test snafu. Sasha says no more apologies are needed at this time. Nina calls and tells Maxie to come to work to finish an article.

Maxie tries to apologize to Nina again about the DNA test, who does not want to talk about it. Sasha shows up and defends Maxie, she says that she forgives her and they are family.

General Hospital Spoilers– Kevin Faces Charges

At the courthouse, Jordan and Margeaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) are discussing the Ryan Chamberlain case. Jordan feels like the case is not officially closed, but Margeaux does. Ava (Maura West) comes from around the corner and is not pleased. Ava berates Jordan for giving up on the search for Ryan’s whole body. Ava feels like it’s too late and she’s afraid Kevin is coming back to finish her off.

Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) and Nora (Hillary B Smith) are wondering why he’s been summoned again. Nora says her son got engaged to Destiny (we haven’t heard that Llanview name in years!). Nora does not think they will find Kevin guilty, maybe just some therapy.

Margeaux enters the room and the judge follows soon after. Nora requests for all the charges to be dropped, in which the DA fights back. Nora says Ryan was presumed dead, so there was no way Kevin can be accused of harboring a fugitive at Ferncliff.

GH Spoilers– Laura Gives Finn Advice

Laura walks into Finn’s office and wants to discuss the possibility of Ryan still being alive, even with no hand. Finn wonders why Laura has come to him about this predicament. She wonders if he could have survived cutting his own hand off, as apparently, he was still alive when it happened.

Laura tells Finn that she saw him fake proposing and he asks her opinion. She says he doesn’t need any luck and congratulations on the impending engagement.

Spencer is at the hospital vending machine when Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) approaches. Valentin helps him get his snack from the machine and he asks about how Laura is doing. Spencer asks if Nina has figured out yet that he’s up to no good.

Spencer threatens to tell Charlotte what a bad man her father is. The two of them squabble about the election and his voter fraud. Laura suddenly approaches and threatens Valentin to stay away from Spencer. She says “you are not allowed to approach Nicholas’s son”. Laura and Valentin argue about Charlotte’s care while Lulu is away.


General Hospital Spoilers– Robert Tries To Help Anna

Anna and Robert are having tea as she questions him about his memories of the first mission. What if Robin is not her daughter at all? Anna is terrified that the big secret Alex is keeping may be that she never gave birth to Robin all those years ago.

Anna is worried that Alex impersonated her before the mind mapping study and implanted the memory in Anna. Robert says it’s a silly thought and that she is just punishing herself. Finn comes into her house and overhears the argument.

The judge says she wants to drop all charges against Kevin. Anna says she needs to discover the truth of her memories, once and for all. Nora is about to leave the courthouse when Valentin approaches her. Ava is at Charlie’s getting coffee and we can see someone is spying at her from the window ….. flash to preview.

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