The Young And The Restless Spoilers: A Y&R Insider Reveals The Truth On Why Gina Tognoni Was Fired

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Young and the Restless Spoilers-- Phyllis Summers (Gina Tognoni)

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers tease that the reason Gina Tognoni lost her job as Phyllis Abbott is not completely honest. In the newest issue of Soap Opera Digest, the reason head writer Josh Griffith gave for the Phyllis swap is to bring the show back to what it used to be. And, the fact is, the Y&R fans are not buying it. Here’s what you need to know about what’s ahead on Y&R.

Y&R Spoilers— Restoring The Show

Griffith said that coming in after Mal Young’s exit has been difficult. The soap opera needed some big changes and he had to make some tough decisions. For one, he had to cut part of the cast that was no longer working. For that, it was easy — he got rid of Jason Canela, Noemi Gonzalez, and Alice Hunter.

That wasn’t enough though. Josh decided to bring back Adam Newman. So, he and the casting team started the search of finding the perfect Adam.

According to a set insider source, when that still wasn’t enough to make the writing team feel confident of the direction of the show, they decided to contact Michelle Stafford to find out if she was interested in coming back as Phyllis. For whatever reason, it all panned out well and Gina was told that her contract would not be renewed.

Young And The Restless Spoilers— The Big Question Is Why?

The biggest question the Y&R fans have on the changes is why? If it was to restore the soap opera to a previous era, why didn’t they rehire Michael Muhney as Adam? Why is there another Adam for the fans to get used too?

Most fans don’t believe the reasoning Josh provided. A much more likely reason seems to be Gina was too close to Mal Young and his team so they wanted to get rid of her for that reason. At least, that would be a decision that many of the fans would understand and accept.

Michelle will be wrapping up her run as Nina Reeves on General Hospital by the end of May. Then the Phyllis switch will happen the first week of June.

Do you believe that Gona Tognoni was fired to restore Y&R back to a previous era of the show? Don’t forget to come back later for more The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers, news, and casting updates!

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  1. Guest says

    Honestly NO. I can’t stand Phyllis but I love Gina. I also really like Michelle on GH but don’t like Nina. That said, they each own the characters they portray and the PTB should just leave “perfect” alone. And yes I know Michelle chose to leave GH but if they paid her what she’s worth then betting she’d have stayed.

    1. Judy Hyder says

      Y&R replacing actors alledgedly based on budget cuts, Michelle left GH because they wouldn’t pay her what she wanted SO Y&R has the budget to pay her?? I don’t buy it!

    2. Guest says

      Michelle opted to leave Y&R over money, what changed? How long until Michelle leaves Y&R again over money?

  2. Guest says


  3. Guest says

    Not fair

  4. Guest says

    We do not need to go back to the beginning . Lots of people don’t even remember that far back I trace MS to Danny Romalati. If they are bringing him and her son back then bring back MS if not leave Gina with us. We are invested in her with all the characters on there now and she should stay not be fired to bring back someone who chose to leave in the first place.

    1. trina98 says

      Danny is not Daniel’s father I think he’s in Atlanta with his daughter Lucy and his girl friend, can’t remember her name that’s how meaningful she is. We don’t need all these retread actors back we need decent writing and writers!

    2. Judy Hyder says

      Exactly! Keep Gina! Can’t stand Michelle!

  5. Guest says

    You can’t go back in time. That’s ridiculous!
    Please reconsider and leave Gina as Phyllis.
    Pleasing the fans doesn’t mean replacing characters with previous actors. That’s very upsetting. Story lines are what needed to be changed not switching actors.

    1. Guest says

      Pleasing the fans doesn’t mean replacing characters with previous actors. That’s very upsetting. Story lines are what needed to be changed not switching actors.’

      couldn’t have said it better

    2. Judy Hyder says

      According to the article, Gina was fired because of her relationship with Mal Young. That should be a lawsuit in my opinion! Gina is way beyond Michelle in portraying Phyllis. KEEP GINA Please!

    3. Guest says

      I agree with u whole heartedly! Wrong move bringing back Michelle as Phyllis!!!!!!

    4. Guest says

      Excellent point!

  6. Guest says

    It is all a bunch of bull crap. Gina was doing a great job. Y&R has gone downhill. Today’s episode was so boring I forwarded through most of it. If it doesn’t get better soon, will be tuning out. Also, not real happy with the new Adam, seems too young for one thing.

  7. Guest says

    No, I don’t think it was fair. I love Gina and I was so happy when she became Phyliss. People are right when it’s said that Michell decided to leave Y&R that she shouldn’t be coming back.

    1. Guest says

      No, I don’t think it was fair. I love Gina and I was so happy when she became Phyliss. People are right when it’s said that Michell decided to leave Y&R that she shouldn’t be coming back.’

      truth be told i couldn’t give a flying fig about phil well until gina started to play her

      and i really don’t care less about nina….michelle made her good though….

  8. Guest says

    No not really, I think Gina was done so wrong. Her acting last week was right on. I like Michelle, but got use to Gina. I hope she could land on DOOL….

  9. Guest says

    No . I hate Phyllis but Gina made her more human.

  10. Guest says

    wrong. Keep Gina. Michelle is horrid.

  11. Guest says

    Get rid of the following. Tessa. Ana and her troup. Rey and summer. Not Gina

    1. Guest says

      Give Devon a new story line This music stuff is boring and all the new people need to go. Don’t know what or who I’m watching half the time Ditch the Cuban Family and Tessa.Not watching !!!!! Loved Gina as Phyllis

    2. Guest says

      I agree

  12. Crawford E Frederick says

    The swap is a bunch of Bull…. Gina made it her part. When the swap is made is when I stop watching Y&R. The writing for the show has been terrible for the last year.

    1. Guest says

      So you don’t like the “new”
      head writer now?

  13. Guest says

    No, not a word of it. She did a great job and she was unfairly done a deal. They said that to only cover them and they know that was wrong. Y & R is not what it used to be. With all the oldies gone it will take a whirlwind and go tumbling down. The other soap is much better than this one. I just glance it from time to time and the story lines are much better. I had rather watch General Hospital.

  14. Guest says

    It’s going to be hard to get use to Michelle because Gina really played the role of Phyllis very well. I also agree that if former actors are being brought back then Michael Muhney should have been the first one rehired.

  15. Guest says

    I agree today’s episode was boring. I am sorry but Ana and her dad are boring!

  16. Guest says

    Get rid of the Latin Family also Anna and her father boring give Devon a new S/L a nice love interest this dining lark a is silly I just ff it ! I have been watching since the very early 80t’s and then I NEVER FF ever.

  17. Guest says

    Sorry Singing ( lark typo dining)

  18. Eda Epstein Sidney says

    no I don’t –and to be fare they always say they want to please the fans but it seems to me that the fans don’t matter one way or another– they give all kinds of excuses of why but never tell you the real reason– the fans don’t really matter–what matters most is how much they can save on casting new or returns and how much more they can put in their pockets– most of Y&R was not shown today and none of GH was— no biggy —didn’t miss much———–

  19. Guest says

    I find it total BS. Michael Muhney created the character of Adam Newman that 90% of the people grew to love through his own talent. The fans wanted him to return & Josh Griffith ignored them. Then for Griffith to claim he’s bringing back Michelle Stafford to bring re-establish Y&R’s former greatness is baloney. Adam is now a kid. Muhney is 43, Hartley is 42, and Engen is 39. NuAdam is 32 and word has it that a NuChelsea is in the works. I can’t wait to see Griffith explain NuAdam’s old relationship with 48 year old Sharon. Ridiculous.

  20. Guest says

    I do think that Michelle should not have been let go when she was. Glad she is back.
    Get rid of Rey, Mia & Arturo

    1. Guest says

      Michelle left on her own free will ! Said she was done with Phyllis!! Let Gina stay dammit!!!

  21. Guest says

    Michelle has big Teeth !!! Gina is the best Phyllis

    1. Guest says

      No need to insult the actress!!! Are you perfect???

  22. Susan Keller-Boulanger says

    No I feel that Y&R writers are not being honest with their viewers I have been with the show since day 1 this is not acceptable.

  23. Guest says

    I liked the original Phyllis, but I’ve grown to like the new one as well. I don’t think changing them yet again is appropriate. The whole show now kind of reminds me of improbable fantasy rather than drama. I’m hopeful that it will get better soon.

  24. Guest says

    After her performance last week, they are making a big mistake letting her go. And their reason is a bunch of bs.

  25. Guest says

    no, i definately do not believe it

    he wanted michelle back and that’s all there is to it

    and like the post said if he wanted the originals back then why not MM as adam, we have to get used to yet another adm…alof of bs if there ever was

  26. Guest says

    i’m so pist off gina wins emmys why dump her stafford is a scientologist the ppl dont want her back on Y&R why do u think gh is doing a cult story 2 prove scientology is bad it steals ppls coin has crazy ideas dump stafford we all fast 4ward her scenes if gina goes 2 gh thats great

  27. Guest says

    i luv arturo sad u dumped him mia is just a coniver she is a waste of space i wanted arturo 2 marry nikki&victor a modern day 3way marriage bring him back he had good job w/nick they were friends be4 the women stuf

  28. Guest says

    Gina was a younger looking Phyllis (did a great job) … Michelle is old looking. And if they wanted to bring back old character ….then bring back Michael Muhney….he is the best Adam!

  29. trina98 says

    Absolutely not! The new head guy won’t cop to the fact that it’s not the actor as much as the poor writing of their team. They just don’t know how to write decent storylines end of! They bring back Ashley what the heck for more turmoil? Right now they need to write for the people already on the canvas and give us some good story arcs as well good writing, I don’t understand why they are keeping Rey…I can’t know if he is a good actor or not because they writing is sub par, good they got rid Mia and his brother but again hard to tell just how bad they are because the writing has been so damned poor!  They really need to get their shite together because honestly I don’t see how Michelle Stafford is going to change things if the writing and writers are not taken to task! They are just so brutal.

  30. Guest says

    No I believe that phyllis was a great Actor

  31. Guest says


  32. Guest says

    No, I never liked Michelle Stafford! Gina was a great Phyllis!

  33. Guest says

    No,I don’t think it is fair,she is a better actress than Miehelle Stafford,it wasa big mistake to bring Josh Griffith,back and put him in charge,Arturo,is a good actor and never really had a good story, he should be brought back,Y&R,was once a great show I still love it but to many good actors are being let go,and they are keeping some that can’t act, I wih they would keep Gina,and dump Michelle,who is a bitch,I think Josh Griffith,should get the ax

    1. Guest says

      I agree with Sonny. It seems the new writer, Josh Griffith, has an ego complex about Mal Young and wants to get rid of anything and anyone from that era. Just because Gina was friendly with Mr. Young is no reason to fire her….so sad.

  34. Guest says

    it want do us any good to complain,Josh Griffith,will do what ever he wants,I am disgusted with the way Y&R,is going and I have been a fan for 45 yrs and it sure is not the same show

  35. Guest says

    no it was not fair! Gina is a much better portrayal of the character Phyllis! I DONOT like Michelle as that character, I was glad when she left!!!’

  36. Guest says

    So happy Michele Is back, Gina constantly Flicked her hair and tilted her head to the side. Drove me crazy!

  37. Guest says

    I feel that excuse is lame. Gina was EXCELLENT as Phyllis. I am still quite agitated Gina was dismissed. It makes me sick. This is some bullshit – I would like to know the real reason.

  38. Guest says

    Personally, I am not impressed with his backward approach & insecurity dealing with Actors hired by Young. I haven’t watched live since he took over. I still record but fast forward a lot.

  39. praying lady says

    I though with new head writer we would get some good story but this new head writer is just as bad as Mal Young.

  40. Guest says

    Yes – I think Michelle is a way better Phylllis than Gina. Gina has no chemistry with Jack. Jack and Phyllis are amazing together and end game I think. Very happy, now please put Jack and Phyllis back together long term!!!!

  41. Guest says

    I don’t think it was fair at all for them letting Gina go and replace her with Michelle Stafford. I thought she did an amazing job and made Phyllis what she is, amazing!!

  42. Guest says

    Absolutely not! Gina took over the role of Phyllis and OWNED it! Gina had big shoes to fill when Michelle Stafford vacated the role and Gina pulled it off and made the role her own. I’ll have nothing but resentment toward Michelle Stafford playing Phyllis again especially since Stafford opted to leave the role of Phyllis years ago.

  43. Guest says

    Mal Young and his cronies must think that the fans are totally stupid.We know the truth as to why Gina was let go…Michelle obviously has more pull with the staff. Keep Gina,she is the best Phyllis ….Ever!!

  44. Guest says

    Really, it’s not fair.
    Blame the writers, give her stupid scripts.

    Always making her get even with someone, for many of her failures.

  45. Guest says

    So sick of all these actors leaving for a variety of reasons that aren’t necessarily true and the coming back. Money is soooo amazing isn’t it?

  46. Guest says

    I think its terrible what they did to Gina she did a fantastic job. I never liked the Michelle Stanfford I’m so saddened by this. I will fast forward thru her parts on the show now.

  47. Guest says

    I think it was dirty to do this to Gina. Love Gina as Phyllis.

  48. Guest says

    Gina should be able to keep her job on Y& R ! She does a fantastic job ! I love Gina ❤️ !

  49. Guest says

    It is absolutely not fair! Gina is an amazing actress, far better than Michelle! I’m very close to ending my 25 year relationship with Y&R. It’s been so boring and far fetched (even for a soap)!

  50. Guest says

    I think Gina has been super good for 5 years. So why get rid of Gina. Michell Stafford left Y an R ! I think Gina Tognoni got a dirty deal.

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