General Hospital Recap, Tuesday, April 16: Nina And Spencer Face Off– Shiloh Worries About Kristina– Cameron In Trouble Again

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General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford)

Welcome to your Tuesday, April 16 General Hospital recap! We begin our day at the hospital where Carly (Laura Wright) runs into Michael (Chad Duell), she says she’s there for genetic testing. At the Dawn of Day house, Shiloh Archer(Coby Ryan McLaughlin) is slumped in a chair asking Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) if she has seen Kristina Davis (Lexi Ainsworth) yet.

At the courthouse, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) asks Nora (Hilary B Smith) for her lawyer services again. Valentin says he needs her help getting custody of his daughter Charlotte from Lulu. Valentin says he needs full custody of Charlotte from Lulu and he needs it now.


GH Spoilers– Nina And Spencer Face Off

Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) is sitting in Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) chair and she tells him to get up, he says Spoon Island is his rightful home. Spencer tells Nina that she needs to control her husband and keep him on a leash. Spencer says he has concern for Charlotte and what Valentin’s intentions are. Nina says it’s not her place to interfere in the fight between Laura and Valentin over Charlotte.

Spencer says Valentin is blackmailing him and will set the Feds on him. Nina tells him to get over himself and Spencer says Valentin is keeping secrets with Sasha. Valentin is standing outside the door listening.


General Hospital SPoilers– Cameron Gets In Trouble–Again

Franco (Rober Howarth) meets Cameron (William Lipton) at the school and asks him “what happened? “ Cameron won’t tell him about the fight as they arrive at the hospital. Elizabeth presses Cameron to admit what happened and why he got into a fight. Cameron says that Aiden was called a fairy boy by another kid at school. Cameron says they made fun of Aiden and called him Gayden, that’s why he beat the guy to a pulp.

Elizabeth explains that Aiden is a little bit different and he may be a special child, who needs their full love. Franco says that he needs to support Aiden, especially if he might be gay.


GH Spoilers– Jason Tests The DoD Cup

Jason (Steve Burton) asks Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) to please subtly test the substance used on Kristina before the DOD ritual, she agrees. Jason runs into Carly and Michael and explains that Kristina is safe, but she’s messed up. Jason tells them that Sam is helping in a plan to bring down Shiloh. Jason explains how he found Kristina unconscious in a room in the attic.

Carly asks how Kristina was – which Jason says she is furious and out of control. Carly thinks that Shiloh should just ‘disappear,” involving the cops is pointless. Jason says he wants to make sure she is taking care of the baby she’s carrying.


Shiloh and Sam are worried about where Kristina is. Sam plays along not knowing her whereabouts. Shiloh says he has people out actively looking for Kristina. Daisy and Sam search Kristina’s room but find nothing really amiss. Daisy tells Sam about “the pledge”.

Shiloh runs into Brad at the hospital and asks him how seminars are impacting his life. Shiloh sees the object that Jason wats to use for the poison test which Brad is holding.


General Hospital Spoilers– Willow Worries About DoD Effects

At Charlie’s Pub, Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas (Ryan Carnes) are reading passages from the Dawn of Day book. Lucas says he doesn’t think that this is, “his kind of thing.” Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) enters and overhears part of their conversation about doing a family session.

Brad and Lucas leave to go back to the hospital as Willow looks concerned. She flashes back to when Shiloh cornered her in the classroom and harassed her. Willow calls Michael and asks him to meet her as soon as possible, she wants to help Kristina.

Michael tells Willow how they managed to grab Kristina. She explains about how after the ceremony she had to have sex with Shiloh, even her mother encouraged it.

Valentin calls Nora and says he’s changed his mind about custody of Charlotte. Brad ran the drug test on the object and tells Jason there is no evidence of drugs. Shiloh tells Sam that he thinks Jason kidnapped Kristina. Willow tells Michael that she escaped DOD as soon as she realized she was pregnant. She makes a confession, she been lying – her baby is alive ….. flash to preview

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