General Hospital Spoilers: Roger Howarth And Rebecca Herbst Talk About Working Together, The Jailhouse Wedding, And What’s Ahead For Friz

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General Hospital Spoilers-- Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that tough times may be ahead for Friz, but eventually, things will settle down and allow the couple to enjoy married life.

The happy couple has had a rough few months and the GH fans are ready for them to finally catch a break.  Here’s what you need to know about Roger and Becky’s interview with Soap Opera Digest.

GH Spoilers Rebecca Was Happy For Friz Pairing

Herbst said that she was getting tired of the same couple of men ABC was putting her alter ego with.  It seemed like she would bounce between Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Drew Cain ((Billy Miller).

While Rebecca admits she had good chemistry with those actors, it was time for Liz to move on to someone new.  And, she loves the element Franco brought into her life.  Liz has become more likable.

“I thought it was time for a different story for Liz.  Instead of repeating what happened with Jason or with Lucky.  I am not saying those relationships should not be talked about or explored at all, it was just time for Liz to move on to someone new,” Herbst explained.

Another thing Herbst said about working with Howarth is she loves how prepared he is for work.  When he arrives at work, he already knows (most) of his lines and he is very professional.

Then, she laughed and said for a brief moment she felt bad for him that he has to work with her now.

“I actually thought I feel so bad for him. He has to work with me and he just came from working with Michelle Stafford, who is like MICHELLE STAFFORD, and now he has to work with BECKY,” Rebecca shared. “That is honestly how I felt at the time.  I thought he was going to be sad to be working with and our scenes wouldn’t work because the fans would pick up on his annoyance.”

Roger Asked To Work With Becky

A little tidbit from the interview revealed that Roger wanted to work with Becky. He said he asked Frank Valentini (Executive Producer) that he wanted to work with her if it fit into the storyline.  And, within a few months, they worked into the storyline and they had Franco leave Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) and began the long courtship with Liz.

They both admitted to feeling nervous taping the jailhouse wedding scene because the GH fans wanted them to marry s badly they wanted to get it just right. And, they think it came across perfectly on the show.

What do you think is ahead for FRIZ? As for Rebecca, she is hoping a planned pregnancy is in their future so Franco has a chance to see he doesn’t have a bad gene to pass down.  Herbst noted that Liz is so in love with Franco that a baby would be a testament of their bond.

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  1. Guest says

    No not really sorry not a Friz fan want Lucky back those two belong together.

  2. Guest says

    Yes, very much.

  3. Guest says


  4. Margie Stephenson says

    I love Franco and Liz together I do like Lucky he is no longer on the show we need a super couple Way not Franco and Liz they have such a loving Family

  5. Guest says

    Now she’ll have 4 babies. And 4 different fathers. She looks like a tramp. Lol

    1. lbc says

      I don’t care for the idea either nor the pairing. Some people are not suited for a permanent relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you have to have kids due to each pairing. Not saying that Liz is a tramp or not capable of a permanent relationship, but she seems to have been written much like Michael – unlucky in love. I like Roger and have ever since his days on OLTL, but did like him paired with Michelle more than Liz. They both had that cute craziness that made you laugh, and heaven knows GH needs much laughter to get away from it’s doom and gloom.

  6. Guest says

    Yes. I love Franco and Liz together as a couple. They have both gone through terrible and needed someone to forgive them and they needed someone that they feel whole with. I know, as someone as pointed out, this would be her fourth child and each one from a difference man. Still she loved each one and they all left her (one was killed). Elizabeth is a very fertile woman and she may be with someone who will put her and the children first.

  7. Margie Stephenson says

    Ma’am I hate to tell you there’s just about every woman on the show have kids with different man’s

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