The Young And The Restless Star Eric Braeden Sounds Off On The Phyllis Swap

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Eric Braeden as VIctor Newman

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) star, Eric Braden sounded off about the Phyllis Abbott switch on social media. He praised Gina Tognoni for her work as Phyllis but made it clear, he was thrilled that Michelle Stafford would be returning to the role that she defined. Here’s what you need to know about his comments

In a shocking move, CBS decided to swap the actors who played Phyllis Abbott. In an effort to return Y&R to former glory, they decided not to renew Gina Tognoni’s contract and asked Michelle Stafford to come back.

It was a move that upset some of the Y&R fans as they felt it was unfair to Gina. By all accounts, she has done a wonderful job. She played a very different Phyllis than Stafford’s, but she was wildly popular with the fans.

Young And Restless Phyllis Swap Coming Up

Braden, who plays Victor Newman, wanted to make it known that he respects Gina and he wishes her nothing but the best.

The actor tweeted, ”To @ginatognoni ! I hope your weekend was a good one! You are a hell of an actress and a damned nice colleague! Just want you to know!”

Braeden decided that his tweet may be taken the wrong way by someone, so he followed up with,” I’d like to make something very clear because I hate misunderstandings! I have nothing but the greatest respect for GINA TOGNONI, she’s a consummate professional! And, as with all colleagues who leave for one reason or another, it reminds us how fleeting this business is, sadly!”

Y&R Star Welcomes Phyllis Back ‘Home’

After he tweeted how wonderful it was to work with Gina, Eric added that he is thrilled that Michelle is coming back to the show. He said that Michelle is a wonderful actress and she defined Phyllis for 17 years.

“Having said that, I couldn’t be happier that MICHELLE STAFFORD is back! When she left Y&R I was very upset because she defined the character of Phyllis, it was her creation! I’m very glad she’s back where she belongs &look forward to working with her!” Eric tweeted.

It sounds like Eric feels conflicted. He obviously respects both actresses and he wants them both to know how much he values them as colleagues.

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