MUST WATCH General Hospital Preview Video Wednesday June 5: Shiloh’s Wiley Threats, Willow And Michael Panic

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Hey, General Hospital fans! Want to see what to expect from GH on Wednesday June 5?  Maxie Jones and Peter August chat with Lulu Falconeri.  Maxie is determined to find Dante for her BFF and reunite the couple.  Will true love prevail?

Sam McCall is a woman on a mission.  In Wednesday’s General Hospital preview, she appears to be undercover and introduces herself to someone as Willow.  It sounds like she will do anything in her power to keep Shiloh away from baby Wiley.

Meanwhile, the real Willow has a heart to heart with Lucas Jones.  And, Michael Corinthos and Chase have a meeting of the minds to discuss how they will stop Shiloh and keep him away from baby Wiley.  Little does Michael know, he’s actually protecting his own son.

Wednesday’s General Hospital preview video also shows Harmony visiting Shiloh in his hospital room.  He vows that no one will keep his child from him.  There’s certainly a storm brewing over baby Wiley!

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