MUST WATCH General Hospital Preview Video Thursday June 6: Willow’s Worst Nightmare, Shiloh Needs Margaux’s Help

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Hey, General Hospital fans! Want to see what to expect from GH on Thursday June 6?  Jordan Ashford is on her last leg, and waiting for her kidney to be delivered from Ryan Chamberlain’s operating room.

Jordan’s friends and family gather around, cautiously optimistic about the transplant.  Franco and Finn discuss the success rate, and Franco points out that the longer Ryan is in the operating room, the worse things look for Jordan.

Harmony is back in Port Charles and poking around, looking for information on Willow and Shiloh Archer’s baby.  It looks like Willow slips up and Harmony gets some valuable intel.  Will she run back to Shiloh?  Harmony and Shiloh getting their hands on Wiley is Willow’s worst nightmare.

Meanwhile, Shiloh is still laid up in the hospital.  But, he thinks that Margaux Dawson will be his savior and get him out of his legal mess.  Will she come through, or will the DA leave him high and dry to fend for himself?

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