MUST WATCH General Hospital Preview Video Friday June 7: Kevin Comments On Killing Ryan, Curtis Gets A Shock

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Hey, General Hospital fans! Want to see what to expect from GH on Friday June 7?  Kevin Collins is battling with his own demons as he looks in on his comatose, serial killer twin Ryan Chamberlain.

Kevin comments that “Ryan is hard to kill.”  Does that mean Kevin already tried to kill him and failed?

Meanwhile at the hospital, Curtis and the rest of Jordan’s family get quite a shock from Nurse Liz Webber.  She reveals that his wife actually requested a DNR.  It sounds like Jordan is ready to let go, whether her family and friends are or not.

General Hospital fans can also expect to see more scenes between pals Ava Jerome and Franco.  He joins her at the bar and announces that he has good news.

Also, Ingo Rademacher continues to light up the screen as Jasper Jax.  He throws his ex Carly Corinthos for a loop and announces that he has a surprise for her.

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