MUST WATCH General Hospital Preview Video Monday June 10: Sonny’s Sinister Shiloh Plot, Kristina Fears For Her Safety

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Hey, General Hospital fans! Want to see what to expect from GH on Monday June 10?  Ava Jerome has a sit-down with Nina Clay.  Nina has an off-the-wall offer for Ava, she wants to feature her inside story at Crimson.  A Ryan Chamberlain’s former lover tells all piece.  Will Ava get her side out?

Meanwhile, the rest of Port Charles is scrambling to keep cult leader Shiloh away from baby Wiley.  Willow pays Diane Miller a visit with an odd request.  She wants Diane to make the adoption papers disappear so Shiloh can’t track down her baby.  Will Diane break the law for her.

Across town, Kristina Corinthos is beginning to panic.  She feels like a sitting duck waiting for Shiloh to get out of jail.  Her father Sonny Corinthos reassures her, and appears to have a plan of his own to get rid of Shiloh.

Of course, his right hand man Jason Morgan can also be seen in the preview video, snooping around and doing Sonny’s dirty work.  It looks like Shiloh is the one who should be scared for his safety!

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