MUST WATCH General Hospital Preview Video Monday June 24: Willow’s Missing From Court, Jason And Michael Search For Murder Clues

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Hey, General Hospital fans! Want to see what to expect from GH on Monday June 24?  Diane Miller panics at the courthouse, where she is preparing to take on Shiloh – Willow Tait is missing!  Willow attending court is crucial if they are going to keep Shiloh from Wiley.

It looks like Willow got held up at work – with a surprise visit from Liz Webber, Franco, and Nina.  Apparently, the parents have some big news for the teacher.  However, they picked a horrible time to deliver it.  Hopefully, Diane can stall the court proceedings until Willow gets there.

At the hospital, it looks like Brad is in need of medical attention.  But, he will have to answer to his sister-in-law Carly Corinthos first.  Carly corners Brad and demands to know why him and Lucas have been keeping Bobbie Spencer in the dark.

Meanwhile, across town, Michael Corinthos will drop a bomb on Jason Morgan.  Jason has been leading Sonny’s crusade to eliminate Shiloh, and Michael happens to have information that could make Jason’s job a lot easier.  Jason is stunned when he reveals that Shiloh may have killed Willow’s father, and the two embark on a mission to find proof.

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