MUST WATCH General Hospital Preview Video Wednesday June 26: Jason Morgan Is In Serious Trouble

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Hey, General Hospital fans! Want to see what to expect from GH on Wednesday June 26? Bad news for GH fans who adored seeing Curtis and Sam McCall in action.  On Wednesday’s episode of GH, Curtis will drop a bomb on Sam and reveal that he is dissolving their partnership.

Across town, Drew Cain also gets a bomb dropped on him, a baby bomb.  After unsuccessfully convincing Julian Jerome to get her pregnant, mourning Kim Nero corners Drew Cain and tries to talk him in to having another baby with her.  Obviously Drew is taken aback, and will struggle to come up with an answer that won’t send Kim in to a tailspin.

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, fans can expect to see Lucas lecture Bobbie Spencer about her health after her recent fainting spell.  Bobbie seems to think there’s nothing wrong with her, but her bloodwork says other wise.

Jason Morgan hits a bit of a bump in the road en route back to Port Charles with important murder proof against Shiloh, when he gets pulled over by an officer.  And, spoilers hint that the officer is not in the mood to just let Jason go with a warning.

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