EastEnders Spoilers: Rainie Branning Leaves the Square With Baby Abi

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EastEnders Spoilers: Rainie Branning Leaves the Square With Baby AbiTension is rising on “EastEnders” as Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) finally confronted Tiffany Butcher’s (Maisie Smith) rapist, Fraser (Shanu Hazzan) and things got physical. As Mel kept herself busy cleaning Jack’s wounds when he came home, Rainie decides to take baby Abi and leave Walford for good. But she’s not just taking the kid, Rainie also has Jack’s life savings with her.

Rainie has had enough with Max Branning (Jake Wood) and she can no longer take being treated like a doormat. Baby Abi was the only one that’s keeping her sanity intact but Max’s recent attempt to seduce Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) was the last nail in the coffin. Rainie has had it and she’s finally decided to leave everything behind. But she didn’t leave empty-handed. She brought Babi Abi and Jack’s £75k with her, which she plans to use to fun her getaway.

It all started with the horrifying faceoff between Jack and Fraser. At first, Jack reluctantly agreed to Tiffany’s pleas when she asked him to drop matters with Fraser. However, after he ran into him at the park, Jack just can’t let it go. He talked to his police friend Muski to ask if there’s something the authorities can do. However, he was unsatisfied with the answers he got so he decided to take matters into his own hands instead.


He confronted Fraser and things escalated right away. Fraser pulled out a knife and cut Jack’s shoulder. Jack retaliated by beating Fraser senseless. Rainie and Mel were shocked at the sight of Jack. As Mel took Jack to the kitchen to take care of his wounds, Rainie saw something on Mel’s computer that she wasn’t supposed to see.

Viewers may recall that Mel originally planned to rob Jack of his money but soon changed her mind after she got closer with Amy and saw Jack’s injuries. The problem was that she forgot to close the webpage that showed she had access to Jack’s funds. Rainie took advantage of the opportunity and emptied Jack’s account. She then packed her bags, took Abi, and headed out of the house before anyone could see them. She climbed into a taxi and left Walford for good, at least for now.

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