MUST WATCH General Hospital Preview Video Thursday June 27: Jason Locked In Jail Cell While Shiloh Taunts Sam

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Hey, General Hospital fans! Want to see what to expect from “GH” on Thursday June 27?  The stress of possibly losing Wiley, combined with her health problems is taking a toll on Bobbie Spencer.  Lucky for her, Epiphany is on duty, and gives her a shoulder to lean on.

Kim Nero is on a mission to get pregnant, by any means necessary at this point.   Drew tries to convince her that having a baby won’t heal her grief from losing Oscar, but Kim doesn’t seem to be interested in “no.”  If Drew doesn’t help her get pregnant, she will look for another way.

Shiloh Archer corners Sam, and the two will exchange words.  It sounds like the cop that arrested Jason Morgan may be in Shiloh’s pocket, and he can’t wait to gloat to Sam that her knight in shining armor is behind bars.

Across town, Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis discuss what options they have to stop Shiloh from getting his hands on Wiley.  It sounds like at this point, Brad will have no point but to reveal the truth, and that Wiley is not Shiloh’s baby.  Of course, there will be repercussions, and Willow will be devastated to learn her baby didn’t make it.

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