General Hospital Spoilers: Port Charles Has A New DA and A New Romance For Laura!

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General Hospital Spoilers: Port Charles Has A New DA and A New Romance For Laura!It looks like there are some changes that are about to be made in Port Charles. New General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s a new man in charge and that man is Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers). He will be the new district attorney, following Margaux Dawson’s (Elizabeth Hendrickson) exit from the soap. Here’s what you need to know.

Robert Scorpio Was Forced Into Retirement

As many fans know, Robert was recently forced into earlier retirement, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be sitting at home watching his favorite soaps on television every afternoon. He has no time for that. Instead, he will be taking up his new position as the D.A. while Mac Scorpio (John J. York) will be acting as the new Police Commissioner. We don’t know anyone more eligible for both jobs than Robert and Mac. Things are about to get exciting!

This is good news for General Hospital fans, as many of them love seeing both Tristan and Mac in action. After all, they are two soap legends who fans simply can’t get enough of. General Hospital co-head writer Shelly Altman agrees. She told Soap Opera Digest in an interview, “I love the Scorpio brothers. I think they add not only history to the show, but a really nice relationship and they also have relationships with so many other characters on the show….we’re really enjoying writing for both of them.”

A Robert Scorpio and Laura Spencer Romance?

Shelly also teased that we might be seeing a little action between Robert and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis). Robert asked Genie to the Nurses’ Ball but unfortunately, she could not attend this year because of all the drama that was going down with Ryan Chamberlain (John Lindstrom). However, there’s a good chance that they might get another shot at a possible romance together.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Robert and Laura will be working together for both professional and personal reasons. We have a feeling that there are going to be plenty of twists and turns in the coming weeks. With that said, you won’t want to miss any of the action. Fans will simply have to tune in to see what will happen next!

“General Hospital” spoilers say another terrific episode’s coming up. We’ll give you updates as other GH news and rumors emerge. General Hospital airs on ABC. As always, more detailed Spoilers and Breaking news will appear here on Hollywood Hiccups!

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  1. Laura Champlain says

    It’s Laura Collins,she’s still married to Kevin & is in love with him! Laura loves Kevin & has gone through hell to be with him & he to be with her,they survived him not telling her the truth about his brother still being alive & all the emotional baggage that went with that almost having their marriage go down the drain. She forgave him as he was terribly sorry & devastated over what happened & all that his brother did trying to make amends. Laura knew he was a good man who made a mistake & still loved him very much so she forgave him & he’s back home with her. Robert has been deeply in love with Holly & Anna & best friends with Laura’s ex husband Luke so suddenly were supposed to believe a romance is going to suddenly come up between him & Laura?! I hate that I idea & have no interest in her cheating on or hurting her love Kevin. Laura has shown absolutely nothing more then friendship between herself & Robert,she’s considered him a dear friend like Sonny & Mac. She didn’t want to go with him to the ball because her & Kevin just got back together & most people didn’t know that. She didn’t feel comfortable going with another man not wanting anyone to get any ideas if they saw her & Robert together after just getting back with her love Kevin. Kevin & Laura have real romantic chemistry with each other he makes her laugh & smile all the time,they support each other & encourage each other(he’s the one that told her to try out for mayor because he knew she’d be great at it. He wouldn’t give into Ava or Lucy because he loves Laura very much. I’ve hated how #GH & TPTB have done everything in their power to keep them apart but all the KevLaur fans are hating it,we want to see the romance,love,time spent on our favorite couple to be together for some alone time,a romantic dinner,a picnic out in the country theirs so many things they can do that are just not being done & it’s not fair when ever other couple are given tons of time together! Laura would no way suddenly have feelings for old friend Robert when she’s just recommitted herself,her heart & her marriage to Kevin I think that it’s a pathetic gesture to have her go down that path because she would never do that she loves her husband period. Robert would take Holly back in an instant if he saw her again come on & he’s still in love with Anna having to get over her. I will stop watching if they make Laura suddenly turn her feelings off for Kevin who she belongs with,their best friends have both gone through so much trauma together & understand one another. They finally found someone who’ll they truly love whose there for them through thick or thin,their adorable together & sweet & funny their a breath of fresh air on the show. Finally an adult couple that communicate,talk their problems out are genuinely real & I love them together. If Laura was to suddenly have feelings for Robert or go down or have any sense of romance with him it won’t be believed she would never give up on Kevin she’s not a love you one minute don’t the next type of girl. That whole storyline is out of nowhere land seeing she’s known Robert forever & not once was interested in him other then a friend. TPTB figure they’ll try to push them together because some fans liked seeing them together & Laura needs some type of storyline because whatever they had written for her originally fell through so now that they have Robert on the show they want to push a storyline for him as well. The #KevLaur team will revolt bigtime as Laura*Kevin belong together,we have waited for them to finally be together since the show fired Genie & didn’t have her return for 8 months & when she did it was to Kevins eve brother Ryan who tried to ruin their marriage which carried on for months until finally she found the real Kevin locked up in a sanatorium they finally had some very short moments together then they broke them up again when Kevin told the truth about his brother then they got back together for another moment so that Kevin could play Ava’s boyfriend to try to lure his evil brother out of hiding & finally they got back together & the fans have hardly seen much of them since,this is so totally wrong & sucks for the fans that have put so much time,effort & support for our favorites Jon & Genie have their characters be finally together to try to break them up?! I’ll be out if this is the way the shows going,totally out of character for Laura & I’ll lose all respect for the show for rewriting her & Kevin’s love story!

  2. Laura Champlain says

    It’s Laura Collins,she’s married to Kevin & took on his name so stop calling her Webber & Spencer because that’s not her name. Laura’s deeply in love with Kevin & he with her,they’ve gone through hell to find their way back to each other & all the #KevLaur fans have been infinitely waiting for scenes of them together which are far & few between which is ridiculous. Their one of the best couples #GH has & they’re top couple in soap opera digest & have been for a very longtime even when Genie was fired from the show & then recontracted 8 months later to come back on! Fans have been waiting & waiting for #KevLaur to finally get back together seeing TPTB keep separating them for very long periods of time which isn’t fair to the fans & it seems Lucy & Ava have been given so much more time with Kevin then his own wife,what gives #FrankValentini #NathanVarni? We want Laura*Kevin back in each others arms & each others lives far more then your giving them. Laura & Kevin are married so what gives with continually calling her by the wrong name,let all of Port Charles know they’re in love & back together permanently. It’s Dr. Kevin Collins & his wife Mayor Laura Collins. Treat our couple with respect & have them have a romantic dinner together just the 2 of them,go on a picnic,have a bubble bath together:)Do some slow dancing,these two are sexy,flirty,romantic,funny & adorable why don’t you use them the way the fans want & the way 2 people that are in love would act! I’m so sick of the disrespect #KevLaur get it’s disgusting & so wrong the fans are obviously not important,we want mature real people that communicate,support & show respect & encouragement to one another which Kevin*Laura do they’re a breath of fresh air for the show & if TPTB have Laura dump,cheat or walk away from Kevin after they just went through hell and back to finally be together,she forgave him & they reaffirmed their love for one another & agreed to start over because they really want to be together for Robert Scorpio who she’s great friends with but has never felt anymore then that but suddenly the shows stating a new romance for Laura? in the spoilers with Robert that’s insane she’s in love with her husband that’s who we support & want to see her with. The show would have to change Laura’s character not in a good way if she would suddenly feel anything for Robert but friendship & walk away from Kevin who she says she still loves. Laura doesn’t play games she loves Kevin & she stands by her man. I can’t see her suddenly out of the blue starting to have romantic feelings for someone else she’s just not like that. If the show choose’s to go this route & has Laura dump,cheat on,walk away from Kevin for Robert after all the time the #KevLaur fans have supported our couple,voted for them,begged for them to have more scenes together & have waited for a very longtime for them to be given scenes together on a regular basis I’m done with this show for good! I love Genie but her character would never leave Kevin for another man who she’s never shown anything towards but being friends. It’s like suddenly having her falling for Sonny out of nowhere not caring who she hurts,the character would no longer be the real Laura & the show will lose a lot of fans if #Kevlaur are shown no love or care for their characters,the love they share or the fans that have been routing for them,loving them together & supporting their relationship. I will be brokenhearted because Genie*Jon are absolutely adorable together,their sexy like when Laura dropped her coat in front of Kevin to turn him on,he makes her laugh & they smile at each other whenever their together & both have been through so much they understand each other,their chemistry is off the charts & their a real genuine couple who communicate,support & are friends first which is a breath of fresh air to #GH bigtime. I’m a #KevLaur #4ever fan & I’m gone if one of the best couples the show has but hardly uses them properly are going to be torn apart. It’s out of character for the character & will be unacceptable & just not right!

    1. joaniepoo says

      actually when she was sworn in as mayor she used the name weber. but i agree…leave laura and kevin alone

  3. Jane Rioux says

    What about Laura and Kevin? Give Robert a love of his own.

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