The Bold and the Beautiful Rumors: Quinn Learns About the Baby Switch, Goes Ballistic

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The Bold and the Beautiful Rumors: Quinn Learns About The Baby Switch, FreaksThe Bold and the Beautiful rumors indicate that Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) will discover the truth about the baby switch.

The baby switch is the top storyline on B&B and it’s only a matter of time before Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) learns the truth about her daughter Beth.

But it’s still going to be a long time before Hope discovers the truth. In the meantime, Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) and Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) are at odds over what to do.

While they continue to argue over revealing the truth, the more people are going to overhear them. Zoe’s boyfriend Xander Avant (Adain Bradley) is now in on it as well as Flo’s mother Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards). Aside from them, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) also knows, and Emma Barber (Nia Sioux).

Emma Barber Was Killed In An Accident

Yet, before Emma could reveal the truth to her friend Hope, she was killed in a car accident. Emma’s death has now caused the gang to question what to do with their secret.

But it may not be a secret too much longer when another person learns the truth. That person will be Quinn.

Quinn Fuller Freaks When She Learns The Baby Switch

Flo is dating Quinn’s son Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks), and Quinn approves of their relationship. But that will change when Quinn discovers the baby switch.

Quinn’s going to be furious with Flo’s betrayal. She’s been a huge supporter of Flo, even going as far as to offer Flo and Shauna a place to live when they came to Los Angeles. Quinn thought Flo was a good person and encouraged Wyatt to give his ex-girlfriend a second chance.

Now learning that Flo was involved in the baby switch is going to cause Quinn to go ballistic.

Quinn Fuller Will Want To Reunite Hope Logan With Beth Spencer

Years ago, Hope miscarried Wyatt’s baby and Quinn felt responsible for the tragedy. Quinn’s seen how distraught Hope and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) have been over the death of their daughter. Now, she’ll have a chance to reunite Hope with her baby.

The gang will try to persuade Quinn to keep quiet, but while she may be tempted to go along with it, she knows deep down she has to do the right thing.

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  1. Beatrisz says

    I think it´s nice of Quinn to reuniate Beth with Hope.

  2. Max says

    Thomas will not go up against Quinn. If he doesn’t know about Quinn’s past then he needs to ask somebody. Now this I will want to see.

  3. Betty J Stokes says

    Quinn want do anything because she wants Flo with her son Wyatt. She will keep quiet. Even thought she knows how hurt Hope and Liam are teir daughter Beth, she still want tell. She knows Wyatt’s happiness hang in the ballot and want-want anything happen with that. It would be nice if she would do the right thing without them knowing that she knows. Hit all of the so call cover crew from out of left field and especially Thomas. He has already came unhinged once and killed Emma who knows he could have killed Carolina too because Douglas is not his son and he knows this. Quinn and Thomas both are unhinged people subject to go off any minute now and they don’t need and excuse to do so. Liam is just a lame person, he knows he has been drugged before and he should remember what that felt like, him acting the way he is-is no excuse for his behavior. He should not treat Hope in this fashion because she thought she was doing what was right for the girls. At least her heart was in the right place even thought she was misguided by that no good Thomas. Liam I have no so much disgust for and Steffy. They can stay in bed together until HELL FREEZE OVER for all I care. They both have no regard for Hope. Hope needs to fight back when finds out the truth and tell Liam where he go and get off at.

  4. Shawna Newton says

    This baby storyline is just too strung out for me to continue watching. It’s exhausting watching Hope suffer endlessly. So if Quin finds out and is a party to the cover up, it will appear she’s protecting her friend’s daughter and has known the entire time. It has been a while since Quin has been in the dog house. And face it no one would believe she hasn’t known all along after she literally moved Shauna and Flo into her home. The storyline NEEDS to be Hope getting her baby back and Liam, for once, burning the bridge with both Hope and Steffy. Here you go writers have Hope find out about Liam and Steffy, let Sally find out and tell Hope Pheobe is Beth, let Thomas have a tumor and while doing blood tests for stem cells in the family find out Kelly is actually Bill Spencer’s baby and give Hope her baby for God sake. Liam can try to reconnect with Hope but be rejected, because she knows he slept with Steffy. Steffy would resent that and try to make a family with Bill and put a wedge in his current relationship. Then every relationship on B&B will blow sky high like we have wanted them to. Maybe Liam and Sally finally end up together, Wyatt and Hope find their way back to each other, and Ridge and Shauna have an affair. Or, I just can’t watch any more. Maybe Bill needs to look into his BFF’s neice’s death and find out everything and tell Hope. There are a thousand ways to make this far more interesting. It is not even a little believable that the entire family knows about this baby and no one has told Liam or Hope. I mean you’ll have to employ a serial killer at this point to get rid of everyone who knows.

    1. lewisjm says

      I’m with you. This bored me weeks ago and it needs to end. I stil can’t understand why no one has connected Beth looking like her mither – Liam alluded to it once but nothing more came of it. I keep getti g notifications, I’m out.

    2. msteacher613 says

      Excellent ideas! Can U tell Bell to speed it up and do it well? Your ideas are very cool

  5. Jada Carpenter says

    If Quinn indeed does learn the truth about Hope’s baby Beth being alive and being adopted by Steffy, I think she should tell Eric, and most probably Brooke and Ridge.
    I don’t think she would risk her marriage and position as a Forrester to keep the secret. As wonderful and possibly fun to see her be wicked again, that could come AFTER Hope and Liam get their daughter back
    Then she raise all sorts of hell, hopefully with Eric’s understanding, and tell Flo just where to go.

  6. Jane says

    now that Quinn know about Beth she well want to do the right thing but for the time she will kept her mouth close but eventuate she will tell Eric or Ridge and Brooke ( at lest I hope so)

  7. msteacher613 says

    Thomas Vs. Quinn, I’d bet my life that Quinn will kick his butt! She will want to make sure Hope gets her baby back. Quinn really has turned her life around thanks to the love of a good man, Eric. Thomas, be smart, take Douglas and RUN b4 Quinn busts you! LOUSE!!

    1. ANNETTE KNODEL says

      Thomas can’t run w/ Douglas …. That Little boy needs Real Love not left in the hands of a Crazy Man….place hime w/ anyone but Thomas

  8. Joanne Rosen Pelc says

    No, enough is enough!!! Sick of this story line with the baby switch ! Time to reveal and move on!! I am gong to stop watching because this story should never have been in the first place, its SICK!

  9. janie b leroy says

    I am so sick of this story. All I do now is check on here to see when this is going to come to an end.

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