Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Who Is The Real Villain In The House?

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Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Jack - DavidDavid had not even spent a full day in the house and both Holly and Jackson talked about his being a cancer and the villain in the house. Seriously? First chance Jackson had, he went to do damage control with David, acting all shocked that he didn’t win the opening competition and was the first evicted.

Four hours into David’s return and it seems like he understands more about how things work in the game than a lot of the house guests there. Kemi is excited to see David return, she called him the “showmance that got away,” but viewers don’t see him getting messed up with her, you can see that he knows how lucky he is to have another shot in the game and is not about to blow it.

David and Ovi will have a lot of time to chat in their new bedroom and even though Ovi was evicted, he still is buying the house guests “kumbayah,” vibe, David though is not buying it for one minute. Smart guy!

Big Brother 21 Spoilers – David Has Fresh Approach To Game

In an interview with Jeff Schroeder, David said that his strategy was to play the social game and to become friends with everyone in the house, also to dominate the competitions. David did reveal that two of his weaknesses are that he is too honest and he has rarely watched the show before.

Not watching the show can actually work in his favor, he will have a fresh approach and reaction to everything and that may work out well. As for his being honest,  his game-play will likely shift because of how grateful he is to be back. The other house guests act like they are entitled to be there, David is grateful and desperate now that he has seen how quickly he can lose his grasp on a half million dollars.

David has said that his gift of the gab and memory could be his advantage if he plays his cards right – I hope it works.

Big Brother 21 Spoilers – Really Villain In The Game Is Jack

The only villain and cancer in the house how I see it, is Jack. It is unimaginable that he said, “F****ng Kemi makes me want to f****ng stomp a mud hole right through her chest,” and got away with it. Really, who says that on national television? Now, I can just see him laughing at BB Production and fans, he has the HOH and all the power in the house this week.

I for one am rooting for David. Jackson and Holly’s jealousy brought out what they said about him. They better watch out! I have a feeling the game is going to really heat up with David back in the house and I’m excited.

What are your thoughts on David? Are you a fan? Do you think Jack is actually the villain, did you sign the petition against him?

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