MUST WATCH General Hospital Preview Video Friday July 5: Jason Heads To Pentonville, Sam Goes Undercover

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Hey, General Hospital fans! Want to see what to expect from GH on Friday July 5?  Sam McCall heads undercover as a waitress to corner Carol Lockhart and try to get the information they need from her to put Shiloh away for a long time.

Meanwhile, Jason Morgan is on a similar mission.  He heads to Pentonville to speak to Willow’s mother Harmony.  Jason needs proof that Shiloh is responsible for Willow’s father’s murder, and he’s determined to flip Harmony and get the intel he needs.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday July 5 also tease that Kristina Corinthos heads to Neil’s office with her mother Alexis Davis.  Neil just severed ties with Alexis, and won’t see her as a patient any more.  However, Kristina pleads with him for a mother-daughter therapy session, she’s determined to repair some of the damage she created when she was caught up in Dawn of Day and sold her mom out in her pledge.

Newcomer Dev has ruffled a few feathers since he arrived in Port Charles.  Friday’s preview shows Trina cornering Dev and demanding to know what is up between him and Josslyn and why her pal has so much animosity towards him.   Meanwhile, across town, Sonny Corinthos will continue working his magic, trying to find a way for Dev to stay in Port Charles for good.

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