Bold And The Beautiful News: Nia Sioux Teases Emma May Not Be Dead

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Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Emma Barber (Nia Sioux)The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers tease that Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) may not be dead after all. It looked like she definitely was a goner but the actress teases that it could be just an act to trap Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson).

Nia said that when Brad Bell decided to write her exit with a dramatic death exit, she was excited. While, it meant that she was out of job, she couldn’t help but feel excited about the challenge. She noted that she had never do a death scene and it was thrilling for her.

Sioux was warned by Bell that the exit scene would have lots of heavy dialogue with an emotional storyline. Nia said that her co-star Matthew Atkinson, actor who plays Thomas Forrester, is a wonderful actor who plays “creepy very well.”

Bold And The Beautiful News – Watched Episode With Friends

She revealed that there was a part in one of her final scenes that actually scared her. Matt had grabbed her and threatened Emma. She said the terrified look she gave him was genuine.

Sioux said that she and her friends watched her final episode, Her friends were upset by Emma’s death. They expressed the hope that Emma is alive and she will make a comeback eventually. And, Sioux teased that could be a possibility.

The actress said that B&B is a soap opera and no one really dies in daytime TV, She would be thrilled to return if that’s the director Brad wants to go with the show.

Bold And The Beautiful News – Would Love To Return Someday

“Everyone on the show [B&B] was great and nice to me. They knew it was first time on a scripted series and they welcomed me with open arms. I would come back without question, anytime they need me too,” Sioux told Soap Opera Digest, regarding her experience on Bold and the Beautiful.

Even though the actress is currently busy with several projects, if B&B needed her to return, she would make time for the show. She said B&B is like family to her and she will never be too busy to return.

As for if Emma will return, Sioux said you’ll have to keep watching B&B to see how it plays out over the summer.

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  1. Siegt says

    This sickening storyline is the culmination of a stupid idea of BradleyBell. He knows the fans are fed up with it…but keeps dragging it on with the most ridiculous secret of keeping Hope from her baby. It shows the selfishness…devious..dirty monsterous behavior of these people. Hundreds of fans have tuned off…but he don’t care. Yep the Hollywood mentality…run it into the ground. I hope that Flo..and the rest of them REALLY go to jail at the end of this debocle. I tuned out months ago…after watching for 30yrs…don’t miss it at all. Its not worth my time.

    1. jsb says

      But here you are commenting on it anyway.

      1. Didzis Paberzs says

        Right?Doesn’t sound like personas who Doesn’t care

  2. Beatrisz says

    It would be wonderfulif Emma was alive and then she could testefy and put Thomas behind bars.

  3. Debbie Lineberry says

    I’ve watched this show since the very beginning and this is the only time I have just got fed up with the storyline. I stopped watching when it seemed that Hope was never going to get Beth back. This has taken way to long and it actually just made the show boring.

  4. Danita Wise says

    This s getting to be to much its dragging on and on and on can we get somewhere in this story line I love this soap but getting tired of watching the same story lines every day it’s time to do something about it now cause its boring Hope acts like she’s just dumb Xander acts like he scared to do it and Zoe she just makes me sick and Thomas I can’t stand his creepy ass. Plz get it over and done with .

  5. Jane says

    It would be great if Emma came back from the dead to help put THOMAS in his place! I do not watch everyday like I did from the start of this show but it has taken a turn that that ( father) would never let happen.

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