General Hospital Spoilers: What’s In Drew’s Package?

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General Hospital Spoilers: What's In Drew's Package?General Hospital spoilers tease that Drew Cain (Billy Miller) will receive a mysterious package that may contain keys to his past on General Hospital this week; but will they be true, or will they be fakes designed to throw Drew off the trail?

General Hospital Spoilers – Some Of Drew And Shiloh’s Past Has Been Revealed

In recent episodes, some of Drew’s and Shiloh Archer’s (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) past with one another was revealed, specifically when Drew did save Shiloh from a convoy truck that blew up from an IED (improvised explosive device). However, Drew regretted it, telling Shiloh he did not understand the concept of justice! It was revealed that Shiloh had partnered with another Navy Seal, Tex (uncast character) and they had stolen fuel and sold it to enemy insurgents.

Tex had confessed all to Drew before he died, and Tex was a Seal as Drew was, while Shiloh was a civilian. Drew said to Shiloh he could do twenty years for a treasonous act. This was all in Shiloh’s flashback memories, as he mumbled he would get his money back. But then, he could have been referring to the ELQ shares left to him by Drew’s late son, Oscar Nero Quartermaine (Garren Lake Stitt), although he may have been referring to ill-gotten gains in Afghanistan.

General Hospital Spoilers – Is That What Shiloh Doesn’t Want Drew To Remember, Or Is There More?

It would seem that Drew had known more and worse secrets about Shiloh from Afghanistan than that, and there is the question of the money that Shiloh seemed to imply that Drew owes him; but could the mysterious package actually be from Shiloh, with things in it from their Afghanistan days meant to throw Drew off Shiloh’s trail with false memories, just in case he made a decision to try and retrieve him? For instance, Shiloh could fake some documents about their late friend Tex and put in this package, supposedly proving that he acted alone in the fuel theft and other charges.

This would, however, imply that there were worse, more deadly crimes that Shiloh had committed that he doesn’t want Drew to remember; General Hospital viewers should recall that theft charges alone would have aged beyond the statute of limitations in which they could be prosecuted; not to mention they could not be prosecuted in the United States because of having had happened on foreign soil. These events had to have taken place at least seventeen years ago, with Oscar having died at age sixteen and Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) having been pregnant when Drew deployed, but had never told or written him about it.

General Hospital Spoilers – Shiloh Has Always Been What Shiloh Is Now

In Shiloh’s flashback memories he tried to get Drew to split some money with him, taunting him with the fact that Kim could use the money to pay her medical school bills; Drew nearly strangled him, telling him to never say Kim’s name again!

This must have been the money that he and Tex made from selling the fuel; but yet, it seems like there must be much more to secrets that Drew’s memories might hold for Shiloh to be so afraid of his memories coming back! If this package indeed holds keys to Drew’s past and Shiloh faked documents or other items to satisfy Drew’s curiosity about his memories and throw him off the trail, then Shiloh must be hiding some very deadly crimes indeed, the type that there is no statute of limitations on!

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