General Hospital Spoilers: Emotional Billy Miller Goodbye Letter Leaked – Drew Cain Exits?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Emotional Billy Miller Goodbye Letter Leaked - Drew Cain Exits?General Hospital spoilers and rumors have been hinting for months now that fan favorite Billy Miller was on his way out, and Drew Cain would be exiting Port Charles.

Although neither Billy Miller nor General Hospital have confirmed his exit, a letter supposedly penned by the actor was leaked on Twitter late tonight along with some snapshots and videos of what appears to be his final day on the General Hospital set.

Interestingly, Billy Miller doesn’t have social media, so it’s unclear where the letter originated from.  But, it’s beautifully written, truly heartfelt, has his official signature on it, and appears to confirm what fans have sadly known for a few weeks now.

If the letter is a hoax, which doesn’t appear to be the case but stranger things have happened in the soap world, the odds of Billy’s exit being legitimate are still pretty high.

Of course, it’s no secret that Billy Miller has been involved with his former on-screen partner Kelly Monaco for a couple years now.  And, she has not said a peep on her Twitter or Instagram about him leaving the soap opera.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Billy’s character Drew Cain is currently facing some emotional turmoil as he battles with the loss of his son Oscar Nero, and his confusing memories and unknown past with villain Shiloh Archer.

GH spoilers tease a storm is brewing for Drew Cain, it’s unclear if he will leave Port Charles at his own free will or be killed off.  In the mean time, check out his letter and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Cindy Eulitt says

    I don’t think this is his writing. Now this us my opinion that is. Just for the simple fact he would go out of GH in style. He has been a character on the show for quite some time. Ando as far as Kelly Monaco saying anything on her social media,well that is not something I think should be said except by him,which Billy Miller not having social media makes it hard. Anyways ifor he is leaving I will be sad to see him go, his character Drew is so great!

  2. Caro says

    I hope the letter is a hoax. It seems a little over the top. Having said that, I wouldn’t blame Billy for leaving. GH has treated him terribly and so have many Jasam fans. Billy is extremely talented and he’ll be a real loss for GH if he isn’t on the show!

  3. SZima says

    That “letter” does not sound like something a man would write. It is so over-the-top ‘flowery’ it sounds like a woman has written it.
    I don’t want to believe it’s true, but if it is, good luck to Billy! I know he will have no trouble finding better and more worthy acting jobs outside of the soaps!

  4. Darcy Fournier says

    Beautifully written? Typos, poor punctuation, poor grammar…odd spacing and written on a typewriter with no date…lol…this site is trash. If that is his “official” sig- what is he 12?

  5. Vickie Ahl says

    I hope it’s a hoax. I love Billy miller ( Drew Cain).Please,say it isn’t true. Nut if it is ,I wish you all the best

  6. Dona Grey says

    He will be missed ! But, always can hope, he returns !!! Good Luck in your next adventure , I am sure you will do well !

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