Young And The Restless Comings And Goings: Cait Fairbanks Off Contract As Tessa?

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Young And The Restless Comings And Goings: Cait Fairbanks Off Contract As Tessa?There are some changes happening in the cast line up on “The Young and the Restless.” According to an eagle-eyed viewer of the show, Cait Fairbanks was removed from the contract cast list of the show and moved to the recurring cast members.

Fairbanks has been with the show since 2017, and she’s currently Mariah Copeland’s (Camryn Grimes) girlfriend. Although she’s been moved into a recurring role, Fairbanks has been seen filming scenes every week for the past three weeks according to social media content, which means fans will still see her in upcoming episodes.

Cait Elizabeth Baunoch, known on-screen as Cait Fairbanks, is an American actress, has started acting at a tender age. She started performing on theater and has appeared in more than 20 theater productions. She’s been part of “Heathers: The Musical” and “13.” She also appeared on other shows like “CSI:NY” and “Untold Stories of the E.R..”

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Cait Fairbanks Bumped To Recurring

The report of Fairbank’s move from regular to recurring came at the heels of Loren Lott’s announcement that she has wrapped up her stint as Ana Hamilton on “The Young and the Restless.”

Prior to this, Fenmore Baldwin’s portrayer, Zack Tinker, was also moved to recurring status when his alter ego went on tour. Viewers haven’t seen him since then. But Tinker assured his fans that his character is still touring and will return on their screens soon.

As for Fairbanks, viewers know that her character Tessa is making a musical comeback. But since her storyline involves Ana, who said she’s capped her gig on the soap, Tessa might not get that much screen time anymore.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Ana Hamilton Also Out

There has been a lot of changes in the show and fans are getting more worried. Viewers may recall that Mal Young left the sudser as head writer and executive producer earlier this year. He was replaced by Josh Griffith while Anthony Morina took on the executive producer position. If there was a notable change this year, it’s the fact the show didn’t do a teenager storyline this summer unlike before. Since Ana is out and Tessa is no longer a regular, it seems like the show isn’t interested in getting the attention of the younger audience.

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  1. mary kelly says

    we are invested in Tessa not so much in Ana. The story with Tessa and Mariah is not finished at all and needs to keep going

    1. Faith Clemons says

      Tessa needs to be cut. Poor Ana never had a chance. She’s too talented to be used as she was. But we aren’t surprised Ana was cut, African Americans are not wanted on tv since not many writers know that all they have to do is write them as you write for anyone else since they are humans that live, breathe, walk, talk and live life as white actors do. When given the opportunity African Americans an shine and act their butts off!!!

  2. jessie attaway says

    I’m not at all upset about either Ana or Tessa being sidelined. Don’t care for either character, although both the actress are very talented. Truthfully, all 3 major soaps could stand to trim the unneeded characters. They need to beef up the main character story lines and bring some of these long winded, taking forever to conclude stories to an end.

    1. Diane Jackson says


  3. lakerman1 says

    Ana was a boring character. The writers didn’t help her.
    Tessa is not Mariah’s ‘girlfriend.’
    She is her lesbian lover. Don’t the writers know that? The two women are cunning linguists.

    1. Guest says


  4. Mel Henson says

    I enjoyed Ana and hoped her storyline would be further developed so she had an amazing career and love life. Loren Lott is beautiful and soooo talented! I loved hearing her sing with Jett Slade. That was so much fun! And Cait Fairbanks is stunning. So pretty and comes across as sweet and has a lovely voice. The occasional performances of these actresses was like a cherry on top of the dessert. Such a treat! And while I’m at it, Gina Tognoni was the perfect Phyllis. So beautiful and cool that no matter what she did, she could smile and scheme her way into any man’s heart. Michelle Stafford is lovely but doesn’t have the same serious charm as Gina. Stafford has a fabulous wardrobe though! Haha! I do enjoy this show but I hate all the exits. Arturo and Abby weren’t ready to be over and Mia was an excellent new villainess! Bring that witch back!

  5. Lena Justin says

    I need Tessa off the show and glad Ana is gone. All that singing got on my last nerve. This show is not Glee. The new Adam is growing on me. He is definitely Victor part 2, so I’d hate to see Billy or anyone else kill him off.

  6. tara marie pedersen says

    oh no i can’t believe Tessa is not going to be on as often. she was one of my favorite characters.

  7. tara marie pedersen says

    i can’t believe one of my favorite characters (Tessa) won’t be on as much. i really enjoyed watching when she was on.

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