General Hospital News: James Patrick Stuart Opens Up About Nina Recast

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General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) - Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)General Hospital has seen plenty of face swaps in recent years but for actor James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine) this one here is a little personal.

That’s because he was very close to his former co-star Michelle Stafford, who left her role as Nina Reeves to take on a her previous role as Phyllis Summers on The Young and the Restless. Actress Cynthia Watros has since then taken over for her. Here’s what Stuart had to say.

In a new interview with ABC Soaps in Depth, Stuart says that while he definitely misses having Michelle on set, he understands why she made her decision.

General Hospital News – Stuart And Producers At GH All Love Stafford

One of the reasons why Stafford’s move to The Young and the Restless was a controversial one was because actress Gina Tognoni was allegedly fired from the hit CBS soap.

A lot of fans were none too pleased to hear that Stafford would be replacing her, even though she originally played Phyllis back in 2013 before she moved to General Hospital.

“It’s her life, it’s her decision, it’s her career. The core group of people who were most dramatically affected by it all heard about it in a small moment,” Stuart said. “But the thing that Frank Valentini and me and the producers and everybody over at General Hospital have in common is that we love Michelle.

General Hospital News – Watros Laying Groundwork For Inevitable Payday

“So there wasn’t any bad blood at all. There couldn’t because we adore her. There was nothing you could feel except for love for her and when we found out that she was leaving, we just wanted to love her as long as we could.”

Stuart also added that Stafford’s departure from the show is what he can best describe as “a stumble that we knew we would have to try to recover from.”

With that said, Stuart also added that he and Cynthia Watros get along very well and that so far it’s been smooth sailing with the actress. He praised Watros’ work as Nina by adding, “She’s definitely laying the groundwork for the inevitable payday.”

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  1. jessie attaway says

    I’m sorry, I’m sure Cynthia is a capable actress but her portrayal of Nina is flat, boring and almost unwatchable. Nina and Valentin always showed affection so naturally but Cynthia and Patrick have zero sexual chemistry. This recast is a failure.

    1. lbc says

      I agree with you on this one. But I also feel that most of the pairings on GH at this time are failing.
      Can’t understand where all the former sexual chemistry on GH has gone, and it looks like it will never return. Just my opinion.

  2. Picaso Da Don says

    Sorry but theirs only one Nina and this Cynthia chick is not it. Should’ve came as a new character and GH should’ve finished Michelle’s character as Nina. There’s zero chemistry. Can’t wait til truth the comes out about Sasha so this new Nina chick can be gone.

  3. Debra Usouski says

    I like the new Nina better than the other one. This lady has more life in her.
    The other Nina drove me crazy with all her mannerisms. Watros seems to have lived more life.

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