General Hospital Spoilers: Should Jason Have Joined The Search For Shiloh?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)General Hospital fans are complaining a lot because Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has not joined the search for Shiloh and helped Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst). Should he have left Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and joined the search?

General Hospital’s Jason owes Liz nothing. He missed the first four months of his son’s life because Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) had given him away.

When Jason asked Liz to run the DNA test to prove that Danny was Sam’s son, Liz chose to change the test results and lie about Danny’s maternity test results, keeping Danny from he and Sam even longer.

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Because of Liz’s lies about the DNA results, Jason got to spend one night with his son and nothing more before he was shot in the back and disappeared for five years. Jason doesn’t owe Liz anything when it comes to being at her beck and call. Jason doesn’t even owe Liz child support because he paid her five million dollars years ago, he certainly does not owe her dropping everything to chase down one of her kids unless his name is Jake.

General Hospital’s Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) almost died in a freezer, Jason doesn’t want to leave her side. He was away from Sam for five years plus over a year after he returned home. When Jason got Sam back, he is not about to leave her after such a close call, not for Liz or anyone else.

Jason’s priorities have changed since his return, and he wants to put Sam and his family first. Jason is well within his right to stay with Sam at the hospital and has already told her he plans to do so; there is no reason to change that because of Liz.

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General Hospital’s Liz is already getting suspicious that Shiloh might have grabbed Cameron. Liz needs to contact law enforcement, not Jason. Liz doesn’t know what she is walking into, but she does know that Cameron is missing and Franco has gone off the grid as well.

Jason doesn’t need to be in a position where he could kill Shiloh. He needs to stay out of this and out of jail. Liz needs to handle this and let the PCPD go to this warehouse to try and capture Shiloh and Cabot if they find them there.

Liz is the one who ruined her and Jason’s friendship, not only by her action in 2012 but by her insistence that Jason gives Franco a break over and over again. Cameron is not Jason’s child, and it isn’t Jason’s place to save him. Let Liz do something by the book for once instead of crying to him.

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  1. Teller of Truth says

    Who wrote this pile of nonsense? This is so one sided and bias it can’t even be called a report.
    Why shouldn’t Jason help the mother of his first born son? He owes her that much.
    You talk about Jason not owing Elizabeth anything after the 5 Million he gave her. I didn’t know there was a set limit to child support? Better hope his child doesn’t need medicine that will cost more than the 5 mill he gave her- or Jake or Danny will be out of luck, since he has a set amount he will spend on his kids.
    What about Jason coming back to a child he thought was dead and is now alive?
    You say he was away from Danny- well guess what- he was away from Jake longer than Danny.
    As a matter of fact- if sam had her way- Jason or Elizabeth never would of seen their baby again.
    sam knew who kidnapped the baby. sam just stood there and did nothing. sam went to see the woman who had him and helped her out. sam went and LIED toJason and police about knowing where Jake was. sam refused to let them use the TV station she was working at to ask for help from the viewers. sam kept Jake from Jason LONGER than Elizabeth ever did.Elizabeth told Jason what she did right away-sam never confessed to what she did. They only found Jake because Jason heard a baby crying by accident and knew that woman didn’t have a baby.
    Elizabeth never told sam to forget about her child she could always have another one , like sam told her when Jake was missing.
    sam also burnt down his son’s home and nearly got Jake killed by a car because she scared him so much he ran out of the house. She has yet to apologize for that. So sam owes Elizabeth a home! and if she won’t so it- then it’s up to Jason to do it.
    How is it Elizabeth’s fault that Jason was “killed” that night? She wasn’t involved with him then. He went out on a job and got “killed”. that is on him OR on sam for letting him go out.

    Also by your standards then, Scout isn’t Jason’s child either- so he better not do anything to help her. Wouldn’t be right.

    As for Franco- If Jason can marry his son’s kidnapper and the woman who sent gunmen to terrorize Infant Jake and young Cam, then he has no say as to who Elizabeth is with.
    Franco has been more of a father figure to Cam, Aiden and Jason’s son Jake- then Jason has.
    It is Franco who does stuff with the boys. It is Franco who helped Jake deal with that Chimera thing. It is Franco now who offered up his life in place of a child that is nothing to him–but Jason can’t be bothered to go find his own son’s BROTHER? Cam is Jake’s Brother. What is Jake supposed to think when he finds out Jason chose to stay with his kidnapping terrorist then to go help locate his brother? IS that a lesson that a father teaches his son? Or does a father act like Franco did and show love by offering up his own life?
    And as a matter of FACT- it is NOT Elizabeth who runs to Jason for every little thing to help her with- that is sam’s thing to do. “Run to me JJJAAYYYSSSOONN” Save me JJAAYYSSOONN”. Risk your life for me JJJAAYYSSSOONN. I was stupid Jason. I got myself into a mess and now you have to get me out of it.It doesn’t matter I claim to be a grown woman and a PI..I can’t do anything by my self- you have to do it all and I just have to take the credit for it.
    So before you do another article like this- look up the FACTS first. And be UNBIASED. Isn’t that what a reporter supposed to be.

  2. Teller of Truth says

    Just wondering why you invite people to comment, then delete their comments when they do?

  3. Jljenkins says

    Not sure why this post and question are relevant since Liz already thanked Jason for his and Spinelli’s help in getting the address, then turned down his offer to go with her to get Cameron, and told him to focus on spending time with Sam? They’ve both evolved over the years and have largely accepted each other’s decisions now that Sam and Liz are past their tit-for-tat stage of hurting one another and fighting over men. Why keep rehashing old grievances?

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