Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Adam Reconnects With Connor – Chelsea Considers Chadam Reunion

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Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Adam Reconnects With Connor – Chelsea Considers Chadam ReunionAdam Newman (Mark Grossman) unexpectedly reconnected with his son on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) was naturally thrilled to learn that his dad was alive and wanted to spend the night with him after his mother took him to see Adam.

Chelsea Boudreau (Melissa Claire Egan) had the best intentions in mind. But Adam’s surprise request that Connor live with him provokes understandable exasperation.

Young and the Restless – Exaggerated Response Should Have Been Expected

With Hope Adams (Signy Coleman) having passed away years ago, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) knows Adam better than anyone on planet earth. But Chelsea easily ranks second, no matter how much Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) is being presented as some type of soul mate.

Chelsea was and is Adam’s truest love. Sharon was a prior flame who is his second choice because Chelsea refuses to get back on the roller coaster ride that is again Adam’s life.

With the above being said, Egan’s character should have known that Adam wouldn’t be grateful for her full expression of compassion for him and Connor. Instead of using this moment as an olive branch, he grabbed the twig and poked Chelsea with it. She wasn’t prepared for that, but quickly stood up for her son and herself.

Young and the Restless – Custody Battle Can Be Avoided

Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) talk with his sister, Vickie Newman (Amelia Heinle), at Society proved prophetic. As soon as Adam got past the warm and fuzzies of his reunion with Connor, Grossman’s character made an irrational demand. He wants their son to move in with him so that Chelsea can avoid a custody battle.

Chelsea’s response to her somewhat ex-husband was telling. She claims to be able to beat Adam in any legal case that involves Connor.

Savvy Y&R fans won’t glance over what they know about Adam. Rather than just pursue full custody of Connor on what would be considered normal grounds, he could try using the marriage card. It’s not impossible to believe that he’ll invoke the never-ending existence of ‘Chadam’ as a reason for him to be with Connor.

Young and the Restless – Chadam Becomes Necessary

All is possible when it comes to dealing with Adam. So the idea that Chelsea may be forced to move back into the penthouse on a full-time basis in order to retain complete access to her child makes sense.

Adam wanted Chelsea back first, as Sharon realized and recently said. Part of his plan to stake a legal claim to Connor could easily lend itself to regular time with Chelsea and the re-spark of their relationship.

While Chelsea cares about Nick, he’s not number one in her heart. Adam is. With that Connor’s underlying hope to see his parents reconcile might not be far off or far-fetched.

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