The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Friday, August 30 – Detective Sanchez Grills Brooke & Ridge – Thomas’ Family Waits, Prays For His Recovery

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Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers-- Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang)

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers for Friday, August 30, tease that Detective Alex Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) will have some tough questions for Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang), Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). As B&B viewers know, Detective Sanchez has just remarked that it seems that Brooke, Ridge, and Hope are trying to keep something secret. He’s just asked a couple of pointed questions, but already he’s getting the impression that something terrible happened on the cliff before Thomas Forrester’s (Matthew Atkinson) fall.

Of course, Detective Sanchez is now well-aware of the animosity between Hope and Thomas, and between Brooke and Thomas. As B&B viewers will remember, Detective Sanchez visited Brooke and Ridge at their mansion not too long ago when he was trying to locate Thomas to question him about Emma Barber’s (Nia Sioux) fatal car accident. Brooke was more than forthcoming about her hostility toward Thomas and mentioned several times how dangerous Thomas was.

Detective Sanchez also just talked with Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden), who filled him in about how Thomas was making threats against her life if she told the secret about Beth Spencer (River Davidson and Madeline Valdez). He’s certainly getting the picture that Thomas was a dangerous guy…just the kind of guy that someone who really cared about Hope might want to stop any way they can.

B&B Spoilers–Detective Sanchez Interrogates Ridge & Brooke

According to B&B spoilers, Detective Sanchez will proceed to grill Brooke and Ridge about what happened. He’ll likely be looking for any discrepancies in their stories, and he’ll be particularly interested in knowing what was going through Brooke’s mind at the time when she pushed Thomas back and away from Hope. Of course, Brooke will probably maintain her story that she truly believed that Hope was in imminent danger and she needed to push Thomas off of Hope.

Brooke will most likely be adamant that she was simply trying to get Thomas to back off, not to push him over the cliff. But that could be difficult to explain as Detective Sanchez interrogates her. And what will Ridge ultimately say? Will he step in and defend his wife, or will he say that he thinks Brooke intentionally pushed Thomas off of the cliff?

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers– Thomas’ Family Waits For Updates

Next, on Friday’s new episode of B&B, the Forrester, Spencer, and Logan families will await word of how Thomas is doing. Everyone is still trying to wrap their heads around everything that Thomas did to the family when he withheld the fact that Beth was alive and manipulated Hope and his own son Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri). And now, to have Thomas barely clinging to life will seem just surreal.

Chances are, talk with turn to Douglas and how to tell him about his father’s accident. In addition, they’ll probably wonder about what’s going to happen to Douglas going forward, as Thomas won’t be in any shape to care for him for a while. Given how Thomas manipulated Douglas and the way he treated him, we could be looking at a situation in which Hope offers to care for Douglas for a while.

Be sure to tune in on Friday to catch up on everything happening on B&B right now. Check Hollywood Hiccups often for updates, news, rumors, and spoilers!

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  1. jackbrod says

    I believe Flo was up against a wall before she knew it. She did go along with lying about being a babie’s mother to get it adopted but didnt she think even once, why would this be needed? Thing is I do think by the time she realized what the entire picture she was she was scared to death because of Thomas threatening her and her mother and everyone talking her out of it everytime she came close to telling Hope about Beth. I wonder why Steffy and Taylor didnt think it was wierd they had to pay so much. I mean they are both aware that in a legal adoption that kind of money is not needed. Lawyers take a fee for their time involved and the birth mother for expenses she incurred not no $150,000.00. Its as if they didnt care what circumstances were as long as Steffy got what she wanted. Seems to be a pattern of the Taylor/Ridge kids. The entitled, I want what I want mentality and my mom said I should get it because we didnt have our father living with us becaue Brook stole him. I think Steffy is narcisstic and always pleased with herself and Thomas enherited his mother’s mental illness while Steffy’s is just personality defect due to being spoiled so bad. Hope is weak, emotionally weak, she prefers to live in a dream world when it comes to what i going on around her. LIke saying, “Love gone wrong, ” when questioned by Sansez, lol Like, even after witnessing Thomas on the rooftop and in Ridge’s office still deciding to call him to tell him about annullment and then going over to Steffy;s by herself while Thomas was still at large then actually claiming Thomas was only apologizing so she didnt feel threatned even though she fought to get away from him in Steffy’s house and running from him and when he grabbed her she was trying to get his hands off her and….she looks at her mother who was freaked to see he had Hope cornered that she did not feel she was in danger. Just “love gone wrong.” Oh my, such bad writing, not believable on any level. Different turns and twists are fine but they have to make sense. The writers made Hope look like a brain dead flake and Steffy a narrcisit but then oh, Steffy is great even though she has slept with her father in law, locked Hope in gondola and made her watch whiile she married Liam who was actually waiting for Hope who did not show up so he assumed she didnt love him so why not marry Steffy and Steffy didnt care because like Thomas she feels end justifies the means when it is something she wants. Blaaa, this show is going into Twilight Zone if you don’t get some writers who know how tor write and keep people interested by twists and turens but also write it so it makes sense. These last few months have been the worse with the Beth, Steffy, Beth Hope, Thomas faze. I know I feel as if the charecter all have multiple personalities and no one is the charecter you grew to know and love, it is like, is Hope living in a dream world, is Steffy going to kil Hope so she can have Liam and Beth back and daddy and mommy wont care as long as Steffy gets what she wants and oh, Thomas cant have Hope if she’s dead so they will find out she is only appearing to be dead but if Ridge and Taylor can they will program her back to life to be with Thomas and Liam will just stay with Steffy because, well why not, Hope is programmed to be with Thomas now. Oh and there is Beth, doesnt matter Steffy will give her a good life, oh and Thomas, Thomas will make sure Hope tells him she is really his mother, Caroline was just a stand in till her and Thomas could finally be together. lol I’m done, I mean I am really done. No more Bold and Beautful for me. Its too humiliating to have my intelligence attacked everyday by Bold and Beautiful’s writers.

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