Grand Hotel News: GH Alum Bryan Craig Promotes Season 2 – Show’s Fate Still Unknown

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Grand Hotel News: Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig)General Hospital alum Brian Craig has always made an effort to promote his new show Grand Hotel. Now that the show is nearing its end, the actor hopes it gets renewed for another season. The show’s future is still unknown as ABC President of Entertainment Karey Burke made it clear that he’ll decide on its renewal when the current season ends.

“We’re going to wait until the end of its run,” Burke said. “It’s a show we like a lot. It’s a show that I wish the ratings were a bit stronger, but we’ll make that decision after its run.” 

The cast and the crew have all done their part to the best of their abilities, and they’re now awaiting the network’s decision. However, Craig still remains optimistic and is banking on the fans to help them push for renewal. He’s always been vocal in promoting the show. Although “Grand Hotel” season 1 is nearing its end, Craig still hopes that it won’t be the show’s last.

Grand Hotel News – Craig Still Remains Hopeful For A Season 2 Renewal

In his Instagram post, he started with “Well, a big cheers to our season finale next Monday (September 9).”

“I’m very sure you all will be extremely pleased with this last episode, and if you’re not caught up, now is your chance. You can catch the rest of the season at either Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. I wish I had more news about season two, but the future, for now, is unknown.”

He then urged his fans by saying: “But! I do know you all play a massive role in what happens, so hashtag #GrandHotelSeason2 [on social media] and thank you all for the continued support and love.”

Grand Hotel News – GH Co-Star Maura West And Fans Voice Their Support

One of Craig’s old “General Hospital” co-stars, Maura West, voiced out her support for a renewal. In a tweet posted by Craig back in early August where he said “The fate is in the hands of the fans,” West replied, “I vote RENEWAL!!”

A lot of fans have also tweeted supportive words. One fan said, “Need a renewal! This show is so good. And you @bryan_craig are awesome. Waited and waited for this show after u left #gh You’re why I started watching. HOPING IT GETS RENEWED.”

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