All My Children & One Life to Live Reboot? ABC Entertainment President Responds

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All My Children stopped airing in 2011. One year later, One Life to Live stopped making new episodes. It is just two of the many soap operas that have been cancelled over the years. Right now, only four daytime series’ remain: General Hospital, The Young & the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives. However, there is a possible AMC/OLTL reboot. Keep reading to find out everything known so far.

Resurrecting 2 Dead Soaps

According to, ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke commented about rebooting two soap operas. One of those is All My Children and the other is One Life to Live. It would not be out of the ordinary to see a reboot. Other television shows are popping up, and many of them are reboots of older shows. This is especially true for those that were fan favorites. Burke said of the possibility of resurrecting AMC and OLTL,

“There might be some conversation about that. There might be.”

Previous Reboot Attempts

If All My Children and One Life to Live do get reboots, it wouldn’t be the first attempt. In 2013, Prospect Park tried to revive both of them. Streaming online, they did not last and were cancelled once again. It is stated that the reason was due to “behind the scenes issues.”

Just two years ago, ABC regained the rights to both soap operas.

Are Any Current Soaps in Danger of Cancellation?

With dwindling soap operas, fans worry about their favorite daytime shows. One of those is General Hospital, which also airs on ABC. However, Burke commented that it would remain on the air long after she left the position as ABC Entertainment president.

Even Robin Strasser, who is doing a stint as Vivian Alamain on Days of Our Lives commented about there only being four remaining soaps now.

What do you think of the possibility of All My Children and One Life to Live being rebooted? If so, should they be a web series or go the traditional route of appearing on television screens? Would you like them to start fresh or continue where they left off?

Another All My Children & One Life to Live Reboot in the Future?

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  1. Diana Abramson says

    I would love it I miss my peeps in Pine Valley, Please do the viewers a favor and bring it back.

  2. Cindy Ocker says

    I would love the return of both! I miss them!!

  3. Linda Richard says

    I miss both the shows so much, I would absolutely love to see them air on TV again.

  4. Caroline Ridge says

    It would be awesome if they bring AMC back!!!!!

  5. Marie Jaskiewicz says

    I would love it !!!!

  6. John G Gannatti says

    ALL MY CHILDREN should NEVER have been cancelled to begin with – ridiculous – they didn’t even attempt to present a modified 30-minute model – they should combine OLTL with AMC and just call it Pine Valley (or Llanview, or whatever) and thus keep fans of both shows happy. Doesn’t have to be an Hour show – no daily serial needs to be an Hour – with many of the known Actors available, mixed in with some New faces and characters, I don’t see why it can’t happen……SOON….

  7. maureen devoe says

    Reboot One Life to Live and All my Children start where it ended.

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