General Hospital Spoilers: Baby Donna Corinthos Medical Drama Unravels — Family Comes Together In Time Of Crisis

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General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Bernard) just witnessed one of, if not the most beautiful things they have ever witnessed: the birth of their daughter, Donna Corinthos! Although both have daughters by other people, this is the first little girl that the two share. This should be a time of joy, and it is, but there is trouble looming.

But this pregnancy has been troubled almost from the start. Carly had genetic pre-testing done and the results were ominous, the baby was diagnosed with spina bifida, a rare birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly. Because of this, it was decided that the best course of action would be for Carly to have a C-Section and for the baby to immediately undergo surgery as soon as the baby is born. Surgery for anyone can be scary, but for a newborn baby, this is something almost unfathomable.

Today marked the birth of baby Donna and upon initial inspection it appears the baby’s spine is not damaged but now comes the hard part, waiting as the newborn has surgery to correct any other damage. Carly and Sonny are going to need the support of all their friends and family as they await word. It’s entirely possible that the damage is minimal and that Donna can lead a mostly healthy normal life. It’s hoped that this surgery, symptoms will be minimal and the fact that the spine itself appears to unharmed is a very good sign.

GH Spoilers– This Is The Worst-Case Scenario

There is also a possibility that the damage is more severe with symptoms ranging from difficulty walking to bladder and bowel control issues. But even though they are aware of the possibility, look for Carly and Sonny to take the lead and focus on the positives and their family will follow their lead.

There is always time for a good miracle and happy ending, let’s hope that it the case here. Sonny and Carly only told a few people ahead of time about the spina bifida diagnosis, but now that everyone knows, look for the entire family to rally around them.

General Hospital Spoilers–It’ll Be A Rough Week For The Corinthos Family

Sonny and Carly are not the most patient people so this week will likely be very difficult for two people who are used to being in control have to wait for news about the future of their precious newborn!

Some heart wrenching emotional scenes are coming up this week in Port Charles, so don’t miss an episode of General Hospital, airing weekdays on ABC!


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