General Hospital Spoilers: Will Peter Try To Kill Franco Next?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Peter August (Wes Ramsey)General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Peter August (Wes Ramsey) will continue his descent back to his darker tendencies. Ever since viewers saw, via flashback, that Peter was Helena Cassadine’s (Constance Towers) willing partner in the memory mapping scheme to make Drew Cain (Steve Burton, then Billy Miller) Helena’s personal executioner, Peter has done some pretty awful things to cover up his crimes. Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) knew about Peter’s involvement and began blackmailing him.

In response, Peter hired a hitman to kill Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) and Shiloh, and was responsible for Drew flight going down, leaving Drew presumed dead. Andre survived the murder attempt but landed in the hospital.

Shiloh also survived, but later turned up dead, apparently at the hands of Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). But Peter remains determined to keep Andre from performing any time of procedure on Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), presumably to keep the Drew persona from remembering that Peter was involved with Helena as a full partner.

General Hospital Spoilers – Attempt On Andre Maddox Or Franco Baldwin?

Peter might decide instead of making another attempt on Andre’s life to just kill Franco instead. Up until now, Peter hasn’t gotten his hands dirty himself, but his hired hitman hasn’t been effective. So Peter might decide to just take care of the issue himself and kill Franco instead!

While it should be noted that Peter has been trying to turn his life around, starting a romance with Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and setting up a legitimate career as publisher of the Invader.

But that means he has a lot to lose, and unfortunately, the crimes he has committed recently are just as bad, if not worse, than what he is trying to cover up!

General Hospital Spoilers – Peter August Behaving Like A Caged Animal

It seems to be too late for Peter to turn back now, so look for him to do whatever it takes to maintain the life he has made for himself. As the noose grows tighter and tighter, look for Peter to do whatever it takes to preserve the life he has made for himself.

Will he make another attempt on Andre’s life or will he just go after Franco instead? No matter what, until his crimes are revealed, look for Peter to become even more dangerous?

Will Peter succeed in killing Andre or even Franco? Or will Peter’s crimes be uncovered, costing him his precious romance with Maxie? One thing is for sure, some exciting scenes are coming up. Stay in the loop by watching General Hospital weekdays on ABC, or keep checking back right here!


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  1. Rebecca says

    I want them to restore Franco’s memories. I want Franco back with Liz and the boys sooner rather than later. It is time to end this whole pointless memory mapping mess. If Andre restores Franco then everyone will get what they want. I want Peter to get on a better path again which means not hurting anyone else. I am also hoping the real Drew is alive because I like him not flash drive Drew. I want Peter and Maxie to somehow make it though this senseless mess.

    1. LBC says

      You actually want Maxie with someone who has done the things Peter has and continues to do? I don’t understand this point of view other than just to have Maxie paired with someone. I would prefer Maxie with someone else, as I have always felt from the initial Maxie/Peter interest that Peter would end up hurting Maxie one way or another – just my opinion.

      1. Rebecca says

        I do not see Maxie as a paragon of virtue. She kept Lucky on drugs so that she could keep him. She then told him that she was pregnant and then had a miscarriage. Maxie lied and manipulated Lucky for her own selfish desire. Maxie also completely destroyed Dante’s recovery. She may have wanted Dante and Lulu to get back together but she did not listen to anyone who told her to leave him alone. Then at the moment that Dante said that he did not want to see Maxie and Peter Maxie decided that she knew what was best and went to see him anyway. In that moment she did not think of anyone but herself. If Peter is only thinking about himself in this situation then it makes him just like Maxie. I have been completely angry over this whole situation. I hate that they have thrown away Peter’s redemption over this horrible memory mapping situation. I think that the true threat to Franco is Kim because if Franco comes back then all of Drew’s memories are gone. However Kim wants to have flash drive Drew and will more than likely do anything to keep him. I would not be surprised if she does not try to mess up the memory mapping reversal procedure to keep her flash drive Drew. I am hoping that this whole sick and terrible memory mapping story will be over sooner rather than later.

        1. LBC says

          I have never seen Maxie as a paragon of virtue due to all of the things she has done in the past, and due to her nature, will probably do stupid things in the future. In my opinion, GH has never let Maxie mature enough. Definitely don’t care for the mind mapping story line for more reasons than it just being stupid in my opinion. Again, I feel that GH has too many redemption characters, and if a character has to be redeemed, I feel it should be a legendary character, not one who has just been brought to canvas. If Peter was to have been a true bad guy turning good, he never should have been introduced as he was. I know it’s all a story and I believe the writers botched the telling of Peter’s story as they have with others on canvass now, and have backed him into a corner. I definitely understand your feelings as expressed, but we will just have to agree to disagree on this one.

          1. Rebecca says

            I respect that we will agree to disagree. I want to make two points more. I highly resent the fact that they have taken a year long redemption story with Peter and are destroying it. I will say if Peter ever hurts Maxie, Anna, Robin, or any woman the way that Faison hurt Anna I will stop watching GH for good because I am getting close to not being able to watch it because of what they are doing with Peter. They started this as a redemption story they need to finish it. It does not matter if Peter has been on for two or twenty years. I also believe that it makes no sense that Peter would resort to such terrible things. Griffin found out who he was and he did not hurt him. Nina had Curtis investigate him and still Peter did not hurt them. Now suddenly he is trying to kill people to keep a secret that most people would not be overly shocked over. It makes absolutely no sense at all. I will say again I despise this whole pointless mess.

  2. L D says

    I don’t get it. The whole idea is, Peter will do anything to prevent “Drew” from maybe remembering and maybe revealing that he worked with Helena? Then why in the hell would he try to prevent this procedure? Wouldn’t he want the last traces of Drew Cain wiped off the planet? He would want Drew erased from Franco even if it leaves him in a permanent vegetative state. Am I missing something in the plot line where the real Franco Baldwin has this damaging info too? Has something been stated about the nature of this procedure clarifying Drew’s persona rather than removing it?

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