General Hospital Spoilers: Does Franco Really Have Drew’s Memories? A Huge Twist Could Change Everything!

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General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Franco Baldwin, (Roger Howarth) even though he supposedly has pre-2012 Drew Cain’s (Steve Burton) memories and personality supplanted over his own, there are questions that the viewers are asking. If those are really Drew’s memories and personality, then why doesn’t “Frankendrew” act anything like the Drew Cain (Billy Miller) who is now presumed dead? “Frankendrew” has done things that real Drew would NEVER have done!

GH Spoilers– Drew Cain Would Have Never Taken Advantage Of Kim Nero

One glaring discrepancy between “Frankendrew” and Real Drew is that Real Drew would have never taken advantage of Kim Nero’s (Tamara Braun) fragile condition to have sex with her. He didn’t aboard the Haunted Star and it’s doubtful he would have were she in that condition before 2012 if he had been able to.

Viewers will recall that when she drugged him in an attempt to make another baby with him he refused because he knew that it would solve no problems and besides, he knew she was involved with someone else at the time. Real Drew was honorable. “Frankendrew”, not so much.

General Hospital Spoilers — Drew Cain Would Have Not Chased After Kim Nero

Real Drew Cain would not have chased after Kim knowing he was in the body of Elizabeth Baldwin’s (Rebecca Herbst) husband, once he understood what had happened. Even if he would not have known her prior to 2012 he still would not have been as inconsiderate and selfish as this “Frankendrew” version has been.

Again, Drew was honorable and a decorated Navy Seal. It is true if he would have gotten the letters from Kim telling him they had a child, once he was able to come home and marry her and be a father to Oscar Nero Quartermaine (Garren Lake Stitt). Unfortunately, as viewers know, that did not happen thanks to Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) and to some extent, Peter August (Wes Ramsey)!

GH Spoilers — Is There Anything That Could Account For The Differences?

Viewers have to ask themselves, is there anything that could account for the drastic differences in attitude and behavior between the Drew Cain that was captured on the baseline of his memories, and apparently his personality, and what we see exhibited in “Frankendrew” that is so different from the real Drew?

The answer to that might be yes. Viewers should recall that when “Jake Doe” first came to Port Charles, after being run over and seriously injured by Ava Jerome (Maura West), Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) operated on him, including his brain, and found a computer chip in his brain. That was later revealed to be some type of brainwashing or control chip implanted by Helena to make him into her “toy soldier.”

If this was implanted prior to Jason Morgan’s memories being transferred, it is possible that it could have changed his personality. This chip could have even been designed to change his personality into a meaner, more non-caring Drew than he originally was, and then when his memories and personality were removed and put on the flash drive, it would have received what was thereafter Helena’s control chip was implanted.

This could account for the differences! Poor Kim is so delusional she doesn’t even recognize the differences in his personality and attitudes! She just sees what she wants to see!

General Hospital spoilers say another terrific episode’s coming up. We’ll give you updates as other GH news and rumors emerge. General Hospital airs on ABC. As always, more detailed Spoilers and Breaking news will appear here on Hollywood Hiccups!

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  1. Nana611 says

    The memory chip was put in after the memory swap to be able to control Drew. If everyone recall Drew had a very bad temper,got angry real fast even when we thought he was Jake Doe. Remember Jake Does was in love with Liz,not Sam.. When the memories of Sam finally came to him then, he still was going to marry Liz,until he found out that she kept his real identity from him. Then his Jason memories start appearing a little bit more revealing that he was in love with Sam..Drew was never ever in love with Liz or Sam. This Franco/Drew doesn’t know anyone other than Shiloh & Kim..He also recognized the Q’s..OG Drew didn’t remember anything in his past. He doesn’t remember Kim,and he doesn’t remember being in love with her. So I don’t see what you are saying. Only that the writers have screwed this memory mapping up,and a lot of other story lines as well. Cause the Drew we know is still the same Jake/Jason/ matter who he was he’s thinking is Jason’s,not his..With having flashbacks with Drew & Shiloh Drew was being the Navy Seals and turning Shiloh in and all.. When Shiloh hit Drew on the head Drew was writing to Kim,so his last memory was of her,and he was in love with her. I do not want Kim and Julian back together,they were boring..Put Juliexis together,,They were a hot couple..

  2. Dana Mapson says

    Memory and personality are different. Lazy writing is going on. “Drew’s” acting more like old Franco, obsessing on kim. His memories should include drew and Franco knowing each other as kids having connection. Add some layers to this. Also would have been great if actual Drew could have been around for this.

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