The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Flo Will Have To Give Up More Than A Kidney To Be Forgiven

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The Bold and the Beautiful star Katrina Bowden (Flo Fulton)

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Katie Logan (Heather Tom) reacts to finding out her organ donor. There are mixed emotions when she realizes Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) donated her kidney to Katie. The gift may offer redemption in a way, but Tom explains that there are “emotional ramifications.”

Flo Fulton Reveals She is Anonymous Donor

On Friday’s episode of B&B, Katie got her wish. She was able to find out the identity of her anonymous donor. However, everyone was shocked to find out it was Flo. How will Katie handle the news that her niece, the one who has caused so much pain, saved her life?

B&B Spoilers: Katie Logan’s Mixed Reaction

Heather Tom explained to Soap Opera Digest that there are conflicting feelings and a whirlwind of thoughts going through Katie’s mind.

“When Katie finds out that the donor is Flo, there is still a part of her that says, ‘I can’t forgive what you did to my family but at the same time, you gave me back my life, and I can’t ignore that and I will never be able to repay you for that.”

There is Redemption

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers confirm that Flo’s action redeems her, at least to Katie. Not only did Flo save here aunt’s life, she tried to hide her identity. This suggests that she underwent the procedure with a clean heart. There were no plans for Flo to use this to her advantage.

Emotional Ramifications

While Flo may have gratitude from Katie and her loved ones, there are emotional ramifications. In Katie’s mind, she is thinking how Storm Logan (William deVry) saved her with his heart. Now he is doing it through Flo’s kidney donation.

“Clearly, it redeems Flo but they really gave it the weight that it needed, and pardon the pun, but this story has heart — and a kidney!”

What do you think of the redemption storyline? Do you think the rest of the family will forgive Flo Fulton? Or will there be some characters who simply refuse to move past her mistakes?

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  1. jsb says

    The failing kidney storyline is so contrived. The viewers could see that coming a mile away and for what reason, just to redeem Flo? Why? Sometimes people have to face consequences for their actions and this is one of them. B&B diminishes all the drama and heartache that Hope and Liam suffered and the added heartache of Steffy having to give up PhoeBeth to save Flo? The baby switch storyline was the only storyline for nearly 8 months and them suddenly our investment as viewers is rewarded with every single person involved in the baby switch getting off scot-free with the exception of Reese whom isn’t even on the canvas anymore.

  2. Sharon white says

    Although flo caused a lot of pain for Liam and hope,she did save Katie life,without that donation,she would have probably died,cause the doctor’s said time was running out and time was not on her side,and flo did not have an agenda,she didn’t want Katie to pass away,so that was huge what she did

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