General Hospital Spoilers and Recap Tuesday, October 29 – Cameron Blames Jason; Kim Punches Julian

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General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) - Julian Jerome (William DeVry)General Hospital (GH) recap for Tuesday, October 29, 2019, reveals Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan) has brought dinner to Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Neil tells Alexis she needs food to concentrate.

Neil starts to leave, Alexis stops him. Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) shows up and Alexis asks what is wrong. Jason tells Alexis that Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) has decided to settle for a bench trial. Jason is not happy with this but Sam wants to be home with the kids.

Jason has to go, Alexis wants Jason to keep her posted. Alexis begins feeling light-headed as Jason leaves. Alexis doesn’t feel well. Neil suggests that Alexis should go to bed and get some rest. Neil suggests Alexis cut back on the workouts. Alexis closes the door and walks toward the couch and lays down her phone. Kendra calls and leaves a message.

General Hospital Spoilers – Elizabeth Baldwin Doesn’t Know How To Move On

General Hospital’s Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) calls Cameron Webber (William Lipton) and demands he come home. Cameron gets home and tells Liz he had to turn off his phone. Cameron tells Liz that Trina Robinson (Sydney McKayla) took him to a gym to take out his frustrations on a punching bag. Cameron wants to know if Liz has told the other boys yet. Liz wants Cameron to tell them with her. Cameron continues to blame himself. Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman) shows up at Liz’s house.

Liz tells Bobbie they lost at the hearing. Bobbie supports Liz who suggests she needs to find Scott. Jason stops by Liz’s house to check on her. Cameron tells Jason he should have called first. Jason says he will text Liz. Jason wants to make sure Jake Webber (Hudson West) is ok. Cameron jumps onto Jason about not getting along with Jason.

Cameron claims the judge listened to Jason. Liz defends Jason and sends Cameron upstairs. Liz tells Jason to excuse Cameron. Jason wishes he hadn’t been called to testify. Jason doesn’t want to make things worse on Jake. Liz wants Jason to stay away and let them deal with Jake. Jason is sorry this happened to Liz. Liz blames Kim and probably shouldn’t. Liz doesn’t know how to get through tonight.

General Hospital Spoilers – Scott Baldwin Wants Sonny Corinthos’ Help

General Hospital’s Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) shows up at the gym and demands Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) help him. Sonny is sorry for both Scott and Liz. Scott wants Sonny to step up and save his son. Scott insists Sonny kidnap Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and put him somewhere until Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) brings him back. Scott insists Sonny would do the same himself. Sonny wonders what Scott will do if Franco comes back as someone else or not at all. Scott tells Sonny that Franco saved his wife, he owes him as well. Sonny tells Scott he didn’t say no. Scott tells Bobby Spencer (Jackie Zeman) that he went to Sonny for help.

General Hospital’s Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) is with Franco at the courthouse. Kim wants to leave town now. Franco tells Kim it isn’t that simple. Franco says they cannot pick up where they left off. Franco hasn’t processed everything Kim has been through. Franco worries that they haven’t taken the proper time to heal. Kim asked if her drugging Drew changed his mind. Kim says she was wrong for what she did. Kim is upset that Julian Jerome (William DeVry) told Scott about that. Kim tells Franco he is letting Julian come between them. Julian leaves Kim a message.

Kim asks if she has to pay for her mistake by losing Drew too. Kim says she was barely surviving until he showed up. Kim isn’t so broken that they can’t have a life together. Kim tells Franco wants to be free of her too. Franco claims to love Kim and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Franco wants to stay in Port Charles until Kim heals. Franco wants to stay and make a plan. Kim can’t work because of court. She tells Franco that he can’t work because of his medical issues. Kim tells Franco that nothing about this is normal. Franco says nothing about them will ever be normal.

General Hospital Spoilers – Julian Jerome Has A Talk With Kendra Lennon

Kim gets mad and leaves. Franco walks into Sonny’s gym and asks if he knows him. Sonny says no but I know you. Sonny tells Franco he has the memories of his friend and the face of someone he never wants to see again. Sonny tells Franco his father was there. Franco asks what Scott wanted Sonny to do. Franco just wants to hit something right now. Franco pushes the bag while Sonny is his spotter.

General Hospital’s Kendra Lennon (Michelle Argyris) is throwing away evidence as Julian comes outside. Julian wants to know what Kendra is doing. Kendra claims to be heading inside. Julian lets Kendra follow him through the kitchen. Julian wants a spot in Kendra’s program.

Kendra may have an opening soon. Kendra orders a Manhattan. Kim walks in and punches Julian in the face. Kim asks Julian how he could do this to her. Julian tells Kim he didn’t do this to hurt her. Julian wants Kim to get the help she needs. Kim tells Julian he destroyed any part of her that still cared about him.

General Hospital Spoilers – Peter August Wants To Live With Maxie Jones

General Hospital’s Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is glued to his phone. Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) is upset over Peter’s reaction. Maxie wants to know what Peter is so invested in this story. Peter claims not to be interested at all. Peter tells Maxie everything turned out for the best. Peter tells Maxie that this means Franco’s brain cannot be messed with without Franco’s consent. Liz cannot force the procedure on him. Maxie feels bad for Liz and her family as well as Scott.

Maxie makes Peter promise not to have reporters hounding Liz and Scott. Peter says this gave him a new perspective. Peter wants to move in with Maxie. Maxie is confused. Peter claims to be superstitious. Maxie claims Peter deserves a good life just like everyone else. Peter says Maxie made him believe they had a real future together. Peter says Franco’s plight has shown him what he has to lose. Maxie wants to call Lucy before they lose that apartment.

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