General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas Cassadine Return and Recast Shocker – Marcus Coloma Replaces Tyler Christopher

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General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas Cassadine Return and Recast Shocker - Marcus Coloma Replaces Tyler ChristopherGeneral Hospital spoilers and comings and goings have been teasing for months now that fan favorite Nikolas Cassadine would be returning to Port Charles, and what better time than Halloween?

During the spooky General Hospital Halloween episode, fans of the ABC soap opera were in for quite a shock when it was revealed that Nikolas Cassadine has risen from the “dead” and returned to Port Charles.

General Hospital Spoilers – Nikolas Cassadine Returns!

Despite earlier General Hospital rumors, it was not Tyler Christopher, or even his temporary recast Nick Stabile, that appeared as Nikolas.  TPTB at General Hospital managed to keep this shocking recast on the down low until the big reveal.

GH comings and goings reveal that Marcus Coloma has taken over the role of Nikolas Cassadine, after an emotional reveal starring potential love interest Ava Jerome [Maura West].

Coloma is new on the daytime soap scene, but is no stranger to acting.  Since 2001 Coloma has appeared in over a dozen popular TV shows, including some big names like One Tree Hill, Point Pleasant, Make It Or Break It, The Mentalist, and most recently Major Crimes.

General Hospital Spoilers – Marcus Coloma Joins GH!

Now that Nikolas Cassadine is back on the scene, it will be interesting to see how Port Charles feels about his resurrection.  While we are sure to see some people thrilled to have him back, like Ava Jerome and his mother Laura Spencer, others may not share the same excitement.  On the other hand, maybe this means his charismatic son Spencer is on his way back to Port Charles too!

So, what do you think of the new Nikolas Cassadine recast?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!  And check back right here for all your General Hosptial news, information and spoilers!

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  1. Jo-Anne Holliday says

    so where is Tyler Christopher

    1. joaniepoo says

      since he was the one that wanted to leave the show, i’m guessing he ddnt want to return

      1. Phyliss Gladney-Wood says

        Not sure that’s true.I thought I had saw a post if his stating he was open to it..I am not sure why he didn’t return .I had heard he was returning

        1. joaniepoo says

          he left because of salary negotiations. which means he didnt get what he wanted so he left

  2. Emma Jo Rust says

    I’m sure he will be great, just glad Nickolas is back. Miss Tyler, but happy! Thanks GH!

  3. derrdoe69 says

    He looks too young

    1. Carolyn Henson says

      He’s 41 but looks young.

  4. Selina Maggi Varich says

    I am highly and deeply disappointed that Tyler did not return to the show in the role, Nikolas Cassadine, that he built as his own, except for brief periods, from the time he was a teenager. Yes, Tyler has gotten older. He was on another soap until recently and I thought it would now be the perfect time for him to return. this new Nik appears too young to fit in the role that Tyler left. There was also a rumor that Nicholas Bechtel, the young man that played Spencer from the time he was very young might be SORASed. If they try to claim that this new person in the mask is Spcncer all grown up, it will be a RIDICULOUS bit of writing malarkey. He does not fit as Spencer. Spencer is about the same age as Joss and her friends, not a 25-40 year old man. Nikolas Cassadine should be about 35 years old (or older) on the soap, so this new actor does not fit for him either. I will keep complter judgement back until I see how he does in the role. But for now, without uttering a word on Thursday’s Halloween episode, I was disappointed.

  5. patpatti1109 says

    Was hoping for Tyler, but I am giving Marcus a chance to take his place. I will be happy just to have Spencer have his father back. Lets all give this new Nikolas a chance before we start bashing him!!!

  6. Stella says

    Glad Nicholas is back but want Tyler!

  7. Katrin says

    Very handsome welcome back niclose cassbine

  8. Katrin says

    Welcome back nicoles

  9. lovethosedimples says

    He looks the part of a Cassadine, though his face is a bit younger looking. And??? From just the few words we heard him utter, I can see that he is going to fit in perfectly…if…only if the writers write him into an interesting S/L that explains what actually happened on C/I!

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