The Young and the Restless News: Bryton James Harassed Over Daniel Goddard Exit On Social Media

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 Daniel Goddard’

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) star Bryton James was harassed on social media over Daniel Goddard’s exit. The fanbase is pretty upset that Cane Ashby will no longer be on the show. They took to attacking a few of the actors on the show, suggesting they are at fault for his sudden exit.

Other Y&R fans think that the writers gave the character Cane Ashby many chances, only for each chance to end badly. So, if this is the truth, it’s no wonder that Goddard was let go. Here’s what we know about this below.

Young & The Restless News – Daniel Goddard Revealed His Exit On Social Media

Last week, Goddard took to social media revealing that he was fired from the show. He indicated that it was a shock to him, as he thought Cane was going to get an exciting storyline. He added he will miss the cast, crew, and his fans.

Young and the Restless fans immediately responded to his post, expressing their anger at TPTB for letting him go. Many Y&R fans dubbed him an iconic character and the show would not be the same without him.

But, the show will go on. And, it has for several months. Daniel has not been seen much since April when they aired Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) memorial episode, following the actor’s sudden death in February.

Y&R News – Is Another Actor At Fault For Daniel Goddard’s Firing?

It never fails, every time an actor is fired, the Y&R fans go insane and start suggesting one of the other actors on the show could be at least. It causes a social media war and ends up with the fanbase being divided.

This time is no different. The Lane (Lily and Cane fans) attacked Bryton James, the actor who plays Devon Hamilton, pointing out he “may” have gotten Goddard fired. F course, it isn’t true, but it caused some drama.

After the fans were done with pointing the finger at James, they turned their attention to Beth Maitland, the actress who plays Traci Abbott. They blamed her for Cane’s exit. But she is not at fault either.

The writers gave Cane’s character multiple times to get a good storyline going and it never panned out. Either the Y&R fans are not on board with the storyline, or Goddard voiced his disappointment in the storyllines – Trane love story and his kiss with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle).

Why do you think Daniel Goddard was let go from Y&R? Don’t forget to come back later for more The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers, news, and casting updates!

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  1. Tazimom says

    I think it is so wrong to blame other actors ! The writers don’t listen to the fans at all…and the other actors would be stupid to get someone fired. I know it did happen long, long ago, but hasn’t lately. I think he just doesn’t have a good storyline to keep on trucking. So, bye, bye

    1. Georgia Sandor says

      I agree with you. How can the writers say they gave Daniel several chances at good storylines and they didn’t workout? The actors get the script, and they read the lines. If the storyline fails, I’d say the writers are to blame. Kristoff’s untimely death was out of anyone’s control. Mgmnt could have recast the character, but they chose not to, which left a big hole in the family story. Chrystal’s change to recurring status after being written into prison and the twins going off to college just about sealed the deal. Writers could have picked up the storyline for Cane by bringing in a new female love interest who could help him raise his son, Sam, but again writers omitted any mention of Sam once Lily left. Too many loose ends writers? did the child die in daycare?

      1. lakerman1 says

        Boring dude, dull. You could fgive hiom Victor Newman’s role, and he would make it flat, boring, dull. He probably should find another line of work.
        Devon, by the way, is just as dull and boring.

  2. Gina Christine Deford says

    I think is not needed,because Lily is gone,plus I for one don’t like Crane so I’m glad he is gone,His voice was terbbile,bye Crane

    1. jessie attaway says

      No Lily, no kids, no need for Cane.Good luck with your future, it’s just not on Y&R.

  3. Michellejk60 says

    Simply put, Cane doesn’t fit in anywhere. For fans to blame other actors on the show for his firing are very immature. He never really did much for any story line. His voice was very annoying. I hope he finds where he belongs.

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