‘This Is Us’ Teaser: Randall and Beth Lay Down the Law

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n Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson)

In the latest This Is Us teaser, Randall and Beth are seen getting ready for an upcoming dinner. But it’s not the food that they’re focused on. They’re more concerned about Deja’s relationship with a much mature Malik. In the upcoming preview for This Is Us, the couple is seen talking about Malik’s parents. They’re trying to get a feel for Malik’s family to see what they’re like.

Beth is trying to have an open mind about everything. She’s not worried about whether to wear a V-Neck T-shirt or closed-toe shoes. She’s ready to meet Malik’s parents in an olive-green jumpsuit and open-toed shoes. She made that point clear to Randall in this hilarious clip.

But Randall is not as convinced. He believes that he and Beth must get on the same boat. His plan is to get Malik’s parents to join them on that boat, meaning having them on the same page. Randall then goes on to give his teenage daughter’s relationship a “ship” name which makes Beth cringe.

Beth and Randall are desperate to split up Malik and Deja. But Beth is taking this dinner more casually. She believes that a little wine and conversation will allow them to see what Malik’s parents are truly like. But Randall is dead set on his plan. He believes that Malik is way too old for their daughter and is already a bad influence on her.

Case in point: Malik is already influencing Deja to skip school. She’s also been lying to them a lot. So, Randall does have a point here. Beth and Randall are then seen getting into a heated conversation about Romeo and Juliet. Of course, you can check out the clip for yourself here.

It’s sure to be a dinner to remember. Tuesday’s episode of the family hit drama will feature two important dinners taking place. The first is the dinner between Deja and Malik’s parents. The other is the time that Jack and Rebecca Pearson invited Randall’s teacher, Mr. Lawrence, into their home.

What are your thoughts on the latest This Is Us clip? Do you think Randall and Beth will be able to end Deja’s relationship with Malik? Do you think that Malik is good for Deja? Share your comments below in the comments section.

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