General Hospital Spoilers: Laura And Kevin Reaffirm Their Love Despite Chaotic Scene

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General Hospital Spoilers - Laura Collins (Genie Francis)

General Hosptial (GH) spoilers tease that even with all the drama and treachery going on right now in Port Charles, that at least one couple will remain happy and madly in love! Look for Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) and Laura Collins (Genie Francis) to take the time to reaffirm their love for each other.

General Hospital Spoilers – It’s been a rough year

This has been a rough year for the couple. They were almost torn apart when Kevin’s twin, Ryan Chamberlain (also Jon Lindstrom) imprisoned and impersonated Kevin for several months. Once Kevin was freed and Ryan imprisoned, they were able to work on their issues and have come out stronger for it. Kevin has even helped his wife find clues in the portrait of Helena Cassadine. And Laura was supportive when Kevin had to testify that “Drew Cain” (Roger Howarth) was capable about making rational decisions, even though that caused issues with Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner).

GH Spoilers – Nikolas Cassadine is back!

Although Laura doesn’t know it, her son Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) is alive and well, and is behind the search for the codicil. Once Laura finds out that Nikolas kept his presence a secret from her, she is going to need Kevin. Kevin will be there for his wife through this tough time because once she finds out everything that Nikolas has done in the name of getting his fortune back, she is likely to be devastated. She’s going to run through the gamut of emotions, but luckily the support of her husband will her saving grace. Laura is very strong these days, but she needs to take care of herself and who better than her husband to make sure that she does exactly that?

General Hospital Spoilers – Laura Spencer is mayor!

Laura is the current mayor of Port Charles and on top of whatever else she has going on, her daily job duties have to be done, regardless of the craziness going on around her. So look for Kevin to sit Laura down and remind her that she will always have him as a support. She will need it in the coming weeks and months. Love is never in short supply in Port Charles so stay tuned to General Hospital, airing weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check back here regularly for all your General Hospital news, information and spoilers!

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