General Hospital News: Tamara Braun Talks About Her Controversial Exit And What’s Ahead

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General Hospital Spoilers - Tamara Braun

Tamara Braun has spoken up about her exit from “General Hospital” as Dr. Kim Nero. She shed some light on her character’s drugging and attempted rape of Drew Cain (Billy Miller) after the death of their son, Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt). She also let in on the storyline about FrankenDrew (Roger Howarth).

The viewers weren’t the only one who were baffled with the significant change in Kim’s behavior. Even Braun was shocked as well.

“I really struggled with that story point, because to me, it wasn’t even a story point, because it wasn’t explored. I felt that if those were going to be story points that were going to take place, then it needed to be an issue that they explored with intention and handled with care,” she said.

“This is no longer the day where rape turns into everlasting love. And it shouldn’t be. So, for me, I had concerns on a personal level, on a human level,” she continued.

Aside from that, Braun also expressed her desire to be part of other soaps. She said, “Soap has been a big part of my life. It’s a medium I know well, and soap fans follow people; they’ve always followed an actress they like, so I’ve been fortunate in that respect when I’ve gone to different shows.”

General Hospital News – Tamara Braun’s Character is Written Off

Braun revealed that her representatives told her that character was being written off. She said that in the contract, she should be informed six weeks before. She added that they were on their last three-week vacation, meaning it was right in the middle of the vacation when she found out.

She admitted that she was a little surprised about it because weeks before the news, Executive Producer Frank Valentini informed her about an exciting story that’s coming up/

After learning that she was being written off, she decided not to let her friends at work know about it right away. She just thought “Oh, whatever, let it just be.” The first person she told about it was William deVry and he asked the latter not to tell anyone yet. But when others found out, many were shocked but they offered their support.

Braun had never forgotten to thank all her fans. She’s appreciative of all their support for her work.

“There is nothing like a soap fan, and nothing like the support and dedication that they have, and I really appreciate them and I’m so grateful to them for all the love that they’ve shown me through all the years,” she said.

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