The Young and the Restless News: Ex-Wife Of Late Kristoff St. John Reveals All On Memoir

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Kristoff St. John

Mia St. John, The former wife of the late Kristoff St. John, is ready to tell all in her upcoming memoir, titled “Fighting For My Life.” In the new book, the world boxing champion details how their son’s suicide back in 2014 has affected her ex-husband and how the latter struggled with grief and mental health.

Deeper Cause of Kristoff St. John’s Depression

She pointed out that the public, even many of those he’s worked with, have no clue what was really happening at the end of his life. His struggles didn’t just revolve around his depression and the guilt he felt over the death of his son. It included everything that had happened in his life. St. John believed that the attempt to cover things ended up hurting her ex-spouse instead of helping him.

Mia St. John’s New Mission

The death of her loved ones have sparked her passion to let other people know more about mental health. She’s been an advocate of reforming the mental system ever since the death of her son.

“Kristoff and I lost our son in a mental health facility that was found guilty of neglect. Then when I uncovered a lot of the facilities in LA County, I discovered that this was going on everywhere because there have been many deaths. My son wasn’t the only one. So I’ve been on that vision,” Mia St. John said.

The Cycle of Neglect in Mental Facilities

Mia and Kristoff’s son, Julian, died at the age of 24 due to suicide four years ago. Julian, has been suffering from a mental illness and was admitted to a mental facility in Long Beach, California. On November 23, the pair received news that their son was reportedly found unresponsive in the bathroom.

She said that the neglect didn’t only happen to her son but to her husband as well. She pointed out that the facility where Kristoff was put in neglected him by letting him go even though he was still being suicidal. All these have pushed Mia St. John to make her voice heard.

Mia revealed that Kristoff was struggling during the days that lead up to his death. She said he was so eager to get out of the hospital and get back to work from fear of what would happen if people found out he had been hospitalized.” Looking back, Mia said Kristoff may still be alive today if he just stayed in the hospital.

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