Eastenders Spoilers: Christmas Day Panic – Mick Freaks When Linda Goes Missing

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Eastenders spoilers reveal there will be panic on Christmas Day for one family. As Michael “Mick” Carter (Danny Dyer) realizes that his wife is still drinking, something else happens. Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) goes missing. Has something tragic happened to her, has she run away after realizing she can’t handle the pressures of life or is she passed out somewhere?

Michael ‘Mick’ Carter’s Fear

Ever since Mick found out that Linda lost her driving privileges for drunk driving, he has been concerned about her. He wants to believe that she can kick this habit, but she is proving otherwise. As seen on an episode last week, Mick questioned if Linda had been drinking as he smelled alcohol on her breath. She claimed to have taken a wine sample while out shopping. However, that wouldn’t cause her breath to reek of liquor.

Linda Carter Still Drinking

Eastenders spoilers suggest that Linda is unable to quit drinking on her own. Like many people with an addiction, she is keeping secrets, telling lies and trying to hide the evidence. However, Mick knows what is going on, he just doesn’t know what to do about it.

What we know is this: at one point, Mick and Linda do get into an argument when she is caught drinking. Linda ends up going into a rage. Things get even worse when their young son observes the fight, so she takes off to drink alone. She ends up falling asleep.

Eastenders Spoilers: Christmas Day Panic

It is teased that on Christmas Day, Mick will go into a panic when he can’t find his wife. She disappears and nobody seems to know where she is. Naturally, Mick will think the worst-case scenario due to her drinking. What makes her disappearance even worse is that there is a little boy who will wonder where she is, especially on Christmas Day.

What Happens to Kellie Bright’s Character?

Chances are she will eventually come home and he has nothing to fear. But something has to be done about the drinking before something terrible happens. Fans will have to keep watching the British soap opera to see how this storyline develops.

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